Whiting Celebrates 125 Years of Community!

By: City of Whiting Last Updated: June 13, 2014

WHI-General-Summer-Celabration-Full-pg-ad-01The City of Whiting proudly announces their 125th Anniversary Summerlong Celebration of spectacular events extending from July through August. Whiting’s Anniversary Celebration is one not to miss. The City of Whiting has teamed up with some of the nation’s most famous entertainment companies, nationally recognized characters, and has created one-of-a-kind celebrations.

The Summer Celebration will kick off with July 3rd Fireworks in the beautiful, newly renovated Whiting Lakefront Park. The event will begin with a pre-firework party and end with an extended firework show in honor of the City’s 125th Anniversary. This year’s Fourth of July Parade will feature one of the world’s most famous character duos as Honorary Parade Grand Marshals (See press release 3 of 9), favorite mascots from Northwest Indiana and Chicago, and a number of nationally, well-known children’s characters you might otherwise only see on television. The City will also celebrate Cruise Night’s 10th year anniversary by displaying Pixar™ Character Cars, Tow Mater™ and Lightning McQueen™, as well as the original Batmobile™. Prepare for Whiting’s magical Disney™ edition of the symphony (See press release 8 of 9), City dedicated Studio 659 art contest, 119th Street Great American Picnic and Birthday Celebration and an over the top Whiting Lakefront Park Open House with family entertainment you cannot see just anywhere! (See press release 9 of 9)

“The City has so much to celebrate, 125 years as a community, our 95th Annual Fourth of July Parade, a new lakefront, and a growing downtown. We’ve created this summer series to attract new visitors, and to thank residents and neighbors for years of support; we are very excited to see the turnout and hope that it proves to be an exciting summer.”
-Mayor Joseph Stahura

Take part in the celebration of the summer, as the City of Whiting creates special, new memories for everyone in honor of 125 years. For more information on Whiting’s Summer Celebration, visit www.whitingindiana.com.

125th Anniversary Summer Celebration Events:
July 3rd: Pre-firework Party | Lakefront Park Fireworks (Press Release 2 of 9)
July 4th: Fourth of July Parade with Honorary Parade Grand Marshals (Press Releases 3 & 4 of 9)
July 11th: Studio 659: Images of Whiting (Press Release 5 of 9)
July 12th: 119th Street Great American Picnic and Birthday Celebration (Press Release 6 of 9)
July 16th: Cruise Night with Famous Hollywood Cars | Fireworks (Press Release 7 of 9)
July 19th: Summer with the Symphony Concert | Fireworks (Press Release 8 of 9)
July 25th- July 27th: Pierogi Fest | Fireworks on July 26th
August 13th: Whiting Lakefront Park Open House | Family Entertainment (Press Release 9 of 9)