A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Ryan Peterson

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Ryan Peterson

Developing relationships are critical to become successful in plenty of careers. Ryan Peterson has made the most of his connections and loves to assist everyone he has met along the way.

Born in Crown Point, Peterson went to school in Schererville. He graduated from Lake Central High School in 2001 before continuing his educational journey at Purdue University Northwest, where he would receive his Bachelor of Arts in political science.

After graduation, Peterson wanted to branch out and explore living elsewhere. He moved to Florida and worked for a marketing company in the Tampa area, but ended up getting pulled back into the Region after missing his family and friends. That’s when he got himself in a position to be where he is today.

“When I came back to the Region, I got a job at Enterprise Rent-A-Car,” Peterson said. “I ended up working with those guys for six years before Chicago Title recruited me out of a management position there. I had moved up that ladder pretty well and found success there. Now I’m the Business Development Executive for Chicago Title and it’s been great to be a part of the team for the past six years.”

Once he got started at Chicago Title Insurance Company, there were a few challenges for Peterson to face. The biggest one was that this was a relatively new industry from what he had been accustomed to prior.

“I didn't know all too much about Title Insurance when I first started out,” Peterson said. “When they brought me in, I was told to focus on going out and building relationships, and that was it. Exploring the different ways to do that was very important for me.” 

Through building connections with others and helping with the development of Chicago Title, it led to Peterson earning recognition from the Crossroads Chamber as the Volunteer of the Year at its 2024 Business Excellence Awards Ceremony. He’s grateful for being able to have an opportunity to translate his work into an ultimate success.

“It’s all about showing up and putting efforts in by giving back to the chamber,” Peterson said. “When I joined the chamber, I immediately tried to connect with people my age. I was a young professional who quickly became a leader and chair of the group I was in for several years. It gave me a foundation to join other committees and devote my time to valuable experiences.”

The mentors Peterson has had in his journey have helped motivate him to continue finding ways toward prospering in whatever he does. He comes from a competitive background and tries to implement these tactics with Chicago Title when it comes to bringing in new customers and developing new business for the company.

Above all, the main element that has allowed Peterson to thrive in competition has been his consistency. 

“I’ve always been a big advocate of saying that most of the effort is all about being there,” Peterson said. “Making that one extra call or showing up to the office that you might have never been to are some of the little things that could be done and the results will follow. I’ve been fortunate to talk with people and learn from them along the way. I wouldn’t be able to put myself in that position if I didn’t show up to all the things that I had the chance to do.”

Outside of work, Peterson loves to spend time with his wife and daughter. He enjoys golfing and cooking meals with the family.

In the upcoming years, Peterson is hopeful to continue developing into a leadership role and enjoys the work he’s doing. Building relationships and helping others succeed brings him fulfillment that’s unlike anything else.