The City of Crown Point Is Making Parking Downtown a Lot Easier

The City of Crown Point Is Making Parking Downtown a Lot Easier
By: Contributor Last Updated: August 21, 2018

The City of Crown Point is undergoing some major changes to better the daily routines and livelihood of the community. One of these developments is a new and improved parking system, complete with new, easy-to-read signs and an abundance of spots throughout the downtown area. Here’s everything you need to know about Crown Point’s new parking system to help make your commute or quick trip downtown hassle-free.

Types of Parking
You will find four different types of parking spots downtown: 2-hour parking, Civic Center lot parking, free all-day parking, and all-day street parking. For your convenience, hundreds of spots have been made available downtown. In the 2-hour parking lots, there are 324 parking spots and 9 designated handicapped spots; 24 spots and 2 handicapped spots in the Civic Center lot; 293 spots and 16 handicapped spots in the free all-day parking zones; and 63 all-day street parking spots can be found down certain streets near the downtown area.

The Map
The new Crown Point parking map showcases where you can find all the available parking around the historic downtown square. With conveniently color-coded spots, the map makes finding a spot that fits your needs simple. On the map, each type of parking space has a designated color: 2-hour parking is in red, Civic Center parking is in green, free all-day parking is in blue, and all-day street parking is in black. With a legend, a compass pointing North, and labeled city buildings, it’s easy to find the spot you need near your location.

Where to Find Parking
Over 704 parking spaces have been placed strategically around the historic square, making the hassle of finding a parking spot a thing of the past. Many 2-hour parking spots can be found around the downtown square and near government buildings, like City Hall and the Crown Point Fire Department. The 26 Civic Center parking spots are only on the south side of the building, while all-day street parking can be found S East Street, S West Street, and N Court Street. Finally, free all-day parking can be accessed near many city institutions, like the Crown Point Library, the Post Office, and the future Bulldog Park on the downtown’s southwest side.

How to Find Parking
The biggest hassle when it comes to parking can be simply finding a parking spot. Whether you don’t know where to look for a parking spot or you can’t find one that will allot you the time you need to run all your errands, searching for a spot can be more stressful than it needs to be. To combat this, the City of Crown Point will be installing new parking signs around its downtown area to make navigating the streets in search of a spot easier.

cp-parking-01The above signage will provide direction to the free all day parking lots. With clear, easy to understand language and helpful arrows to guide you, these signs are a welcome change from difficult and cluttered signs that make finding parking impossible.

With the City of Crown Point’s new parking system and signs coming this fall, searching for a spot to park your car just got a whole lot easier. So next time you’re out touring Crown Point’s historic downtown area or want to take a stroll around the upcoming Bulldog Park, take advantage of the new, easy-to-use and accessible parking system Crown Point has to offer.

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