REAL Trends Names McColly Real Estate Agents and Team in Indiana’s Best Real Estate Professionals

REAL Trends Names McColly Real Estate Agents and Team in Indiana’s Best Real Estate Professionals
By: Contributor Last Updated: August 10, 2018

At McColly Real Estate, the lasting relationships that agents build with customers come from a solid foundation of hard work and support at every turn. To provide the best service possible and go above and beyond for those looking to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives, McColly Real Estate agents work night and day, passionately searching for the perfect forever home.

In honor of their incredible work ethic from the past year, three McColly Real Estate agents and one team have been recognized by REAL Trends as some of Indiana’s Best Real Estate Professionals. This ranking recognizes real estate agents and teams around the country for their excellent sales record for 2017. To be named one of America’s Best Real Estate Professionals by REAL Trends, an agent must have closed 50 or more transactions during 2017, or netted $20 million in closed sales volume. Teams must have closed 75 or more transactions or netted $30 million in closed sales volume.

The ranking recognizes the dedication real estate agents and teams put into their work every day, and the impressive level of success they continue to achieve. Brent Wright, Kelly White, Julie Elisha, and the Lisa Grady Team have all proven they are committed to helping their clients find a place to call home in Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.

Wright and White tied for #24 in the state with 96 sides, or transactions, each in 2017.

“It’s an honor to be included,” said Wright, who has been with McColly for eight years. “Being a real estate agent is my way of helping people. I’ve always been really great with finances and problem-solving, so I’m happy I am able to bring those traits to my work and help people.

“Take one of my clients, for example,” Wright continued. “She’s a young woman who has a very tight budget. I’ve been working with her on the financial side of the process, and now, she’s going to be able to buy her dream home. I really pride myself in helping people in this process.”

“It’s an honor really that I have so many loyal clients and customers that continue to put their trust in me as they make one of the biggest decisions in their lives,” White said, who has been a real estate agent for 36 years. “It’s great to have new and old clients who continue to come to me, send their children to me, and even their grandchildren.”

Elisha was ranked 74th in the state with 62 sides.

“This all comes from years of hard work, so it’s a real honor to be included with my fellow agents,” said Elisha, who has been with McColly Real Estate for 9 years. “I work in a great environment and with great people, and I just love helping my clients. Looking at houses and showing a home’s beauty is something I have always loved, so I’m happy I get to do that for my clients. It’s truly my passion.”

It is true what they say: a person can only grow when they are encouraged and supported in their journey toward success. While their success can be attributed to their passion for the real estate market and hard work, McColly Real Estate supports each agent and team in their efforts to find their clients the perfect home in the community.

“Our managers are always there and ready to help and support us,” Wright said. “McColly gives us so much support, from their office availability and locations to the tools and resources they provide us. It is a great place to work.”

“The company has given us great support,” White said. “We have amazing managers who are always available to answer our questions when we have them. I also have a great assistant who helps me with all of the buyer and seller paperwork so that nothing gets left behind. Everything is always updated, so myself and clients know what is going on. That line of communication is vital in any company and is always open in our company.”

“When you surround yourself with great people in the type of environment McColly has, you will be able to succeed,” Elisha said. “Our managers always support us and have shown that they are always there for us. Our marketing department is excellent, and my assistant is amazing. Because of her, I am able to go out and do what I love.”

Additional congratulations are in order for the Lisa Grady Team who received 36th place, the Michelle Arseneau Team who received 85th place, Schreffler-Winterroth Team who received 107th place, the Estela Lopez Team who came in 118th place, and the Brenda Versnel Team who received 137th place!

McColly Real Estate is dedicated to cultivating a welcoming and encouraging environment for not only clients, but also its agents and teams. The real estate market can be difficult to navigate, so having a company and an agent ready to help guide you through it makes all the difference.

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