Operation Safe Sale

East-Chicago-Police-DeptIn response to what appears to be an ever increasing, or at least a sustained, threat to those that meet with total strangers to take part in transactions of items that have been advertised over the internet, in classified ads and by other means, the East Chicago Police Department is pleased to announce “Operation Safe Sale”.

Recognizing that throughout the United States, to include Northwest Indiana, customers looking to purchase items have been lured to locations, normally carrying large sums of money and then fall victim to robberies and at times very violent assaults. “Operation Safe Sale” is yet another attempt by our police department to insure the safety of our community and to provide assistance in those types of situations/transactions.

We are inviting the public to use our parking lot as well as the lobby of our police department to meet those advertising items for sale and in so doing, offering a safe environment to deal with strangers and lessen the likelihood of being robbed or assaulted. Certainly utilizing the police department as a venue to transact such business should lessen the likelihood of a crime taking place.

The program is offered Monday through Friday from 9am-7pm and then on Saturday’s from 11am to 3pm. During those times, every effort will be made to have an Officer present for that meeting between the buyer and the seller. The public may also chose to simply use the department’s parking lot or interior lobby, 2301 E. Columbus Drive, to carry out those dealings without an officer present if they so desire. The parking lot and the lobby are well lit and offer extensive video tape coverage.

Further questions regarding this matter may directed to my office, (219) 391-8331