One Book, One School Celebration at Liberty Elementary

liberty-elem-reading-2014-oneThis little piggy went to Liberty Elementary School in Chesterton, Indiana to encourage the students and adults to read.

On March 21, a small piglet visited Liberty Elementary School to help kick off the One Book, One School Program. This year the book Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White was selected. Over the next month, almost 540 students and over 65 staff members will be reading the book Charlotte’s Web together.

liberty-elem-reading-2014-twoOne Book, One School was originally created by the national cultural literacy nonprofit Read to Them. The program was formed to create a shared reading experience within a single elementary school community The program was also designed to encourage students of all ages to read for fun at home, school or anywhere. To find out more information you may check out: .

Students were introduced to this program during the all-school assembly. Every member of Liberty Elementary School, from the office secretaries to the night custodians, received a copy of the book Charlotte’s Web. During the assembly, Principal Christy Jarka, read the first chapter as everyone followed in his/her own book. To see what fun was had by all, visit the Liberty Elementary School website at

liberty-elem-reading-2014-threeThe book Charlotte’s Web was selected because it reinforces a variety of life skills including caring, friendship and perseverance.

And this little piggy ran all the way home, so it could read.

Duneland School photos by Bridget Martinson