NITCO celebrates partnership with local Chamber of Commerce

NITCO celebrates partnership with local Chamber of Commerce

In celebration of their partnership, the chamber debuted a brand new in-house elevator ad featuring NITCO. Over the last few years, NITCO has gone above and beyond in their giving efforts to the chamber as both businesses seek to support the local market. 

NITCO is locally owned and operated business that provides access to most of the Northwest Indiana region with internet service.

Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing at NITCO, Tom Carroll, sites the chamber as one of the best economic driver associations in Porter County. 

“They connect us with politicians downstate, they connect us with the right people in Northwest Indiana and connect us with people who purchase our services,” said Carroll.

With being able to offer the same services national companies do, President and CEO, Tom Long, says customers can come straight to him if there’s an issue.

“You need good internet, so we’re here to provide critical infrastructure on economic development and quality of life,” said Long. “This is a natural partnership because our missions align together in supporting local businesses.”

Instead of taking money out of the local economy and sending it somewhere else, NITCO invests that money right back into the community and local causes. Long also serves on the board of directors as the vice chair at the chamber. 

“NITCO helps support a lot of our programs, our special events, our activities,” said Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce President, Rex Richards.

NITCO has been around for nearly 80 years and has only began to expand in recent years. They cover both business and residential services and are quick to respond if you ever have a problem. 

“You have to back up your advertising with great service and if you can’t provide the service, then don’t bother advertising,” said Carroll.

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