Mike Magee is Growing From The Ground Up At Thomas Kia

Mike-Magee-Thomas-KIAOriginally from Munster, Mike Magee lived most of his life in Merrillville before more recently moving to Portage. Though Magee has lived in several places across Northwest Indiana, one thing has remained the same over the last seven years: his dedication to Thomas Kia in Highland.

Magee started with Thomas Kia at the ground level as a porter, which means he spent his days washing cars and moving vehicles around in the lot. From there, he gradually moved up to eventually join the sales staff in 2011.

“I really had no experience,” Magee said. “I just knew it was an opportunity to make more money and that it was something that I could make a career out of. At the time I was debating on going back to school.”

“School was really getting so expensive so I figured that I could make a living like this and not put myself in debt going to school. I also thought, ‘Why not make a career out of this - something that I love doing?’”

Having started with Thomas Kia when he was around 20 years old meant that Magee was looking to grow into a career oriented position with the Highland-based dealership.

“I figured that I was young enough to where I could grow a large customer base to the point where, after a couple of years, I can be selling cars off of referrals,” Magee said. “With me being in the business for five years now, I’ve gotten a good customer base.”

“I know that it’s only going to continue to keep growing as I continue to sell,” he added. “Those customers are going to continue to be in the market every year and if they keep rotating back to me then I could keep up and maintain what I’ve been able to do so far.”

Selling Kia’s has also been good for Magee, who is excited to be able to let new customers know about all the great features with which the company’s automobiles are equipped.

“Kia’s are a great product,” Magee said. “I really wouldn’t want to sell anything else!”

“They have the best warranty out there and they stand behind their products. They’ve come a long way and it’s not like a big company that’s always been big. They’ve grown gradually and it’s been kind of neat to see that happen and that change throughout the years.”

Magee also enjoys the team element at Thomas Kia.

“These are probably the best managers over the last two years that I’ve seen in my time here. They’ve got a lot of great advice for us and not just about working here but so that we don’t repeat and make the same mistakes that they might have made.”

For Magee, the future is bright.

“The future looks great,” Magee concluded. “We’ve got a great staff and Kia continues to come out with great vehicles. Eventually, when I’m ready, I’d like to be managing my own store someday.”

To find out more about the team and all the great deals at Thomas Kia, go to: www.hotkiadeals.com/