TimberSeal delivers fast, dependable customer service with their state-of-the-art techniques

TimberSeal delivers fast, dependable customer service with their state-of-the-art techniques

Since 1996, TimberSeal has strived for perfection and reaches excellence at fantastic prices. Timberseal does a variety of services from removing that unwanted, outdated color from decks and houses to staining or painting. Over twenty years later, they are rolling strong to deliver amazing services to their customers in the Great Lakes Region.

“It was amazing the difference two days made,” a client said. “The first day Garrett and Stephen came, covered my plants, and completely cleared and cleaned my deck of all the mold, old stain, and paint.”

“The following day they returned and sanded and smoothed the wood like a baby’s butt before they stained the wood. They also replaced boards that were rotted. I am very impressed and so are my neighbors.”

The work they accomplish is fast and premium. TimberSeal has created their own unique service which is revolutionary in their field. It is called TimberSeal Softwashing. This method allows for little power to be used by power washers, which is less of a risk to wood. The TimbersSeal Softwashing uses certain proprietary cleaning compounds and agents that help with this process of restoring wood that will give results superior to anything that could have been expected. 

“Responsible and responsive! Lovely work, dependable and timely. We had to have some deck boards replaced a year after the project and thus needed some stain. Timberseal ordered the custom stain for me and had it delivered to my door,” a customer said. “It was originally to be shipped and shipping was $16. When the delivery was made personally by TimberSeal it came with an envelope of cash. Inside was a $16 refund since the product wasn’t shipped.”

“Outstanding customer service, and kudos to Greg and Tracy, who are amazing and wonderful when it comes to customer service and efficiency. Bravo! Need your deck done? Contact this company. I highly recommend them!”

TimberSeal specializes in refinishing and restoring outdoor wood such as fences, decks, siding and more. The greatest result that TimberSeal looks for is the smile on their customers’ faces when they see the amazing work they accomplished.

To learn more about TimberSeal please visit TimberSeal.Net.