Look Who’s Getting Muddy!

vlgroupMudathlon is coming up in July, and it's always a "mucking good time"! Thousands of people come out to get muddy at these races, some as individuals, and some in groups.

Doing a race like Mudathlon as a group is a great idea, not only for the camaraderie, but for help along the challenging course. Getting over obstacles, staying motivated, and having a blast are much easier things to do with a group. And the more people in your group, the better it is!

So if you haven't joined a group yet for this great race, get on it! There are many who would love to make you one of their own.

The 10 Largest Teams so far are:

MudathlonLogoMud & Guts
Coors Light Mud and Muscles!!
Muddin for Gavin
White Muddy Way.
Muddy Family Outing
Team Vibra
Cutting Edge
Glutton for Mudishment

Click here to register! and if you want to know more about joining a group, email the fine folks at Mudathlon!

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