Holladay Properties Employee Spotlight: Jessica Vargas

Holladay Properties Employee Spotlight: Jessica Vargas

If variety is the spice of life, Jessica Vargas has found a career that certainly keeps her life interesting. As a Project Architect for Holladay Properties and the only licensed architect in the Portage office, her days are always something new.

With a degree from Ball State University, Vargas works with a variety of developments from small tenant build outs to large construction projects. Much of her career involves project management, which means she stays busy making plans and making sure all the pieces fall in line as needed.

“My days here are never the same. One day I could do a large land development and then I could do an office plan for someone,” Vargas said. “It varies a lot.”

Over her five years with Holladay, Vargas has come to love not only the work she does, but also the business as a whole. According to Vargas, Holladay is a great company that truly takes care of their staff. One of her favorite parts of her job is the ability to be involved from the beginning to the end of a project.

“They expect a lot out of you, but take care of you as well,” Vargas said. “I like being involved in the whole project; seeing it start and then helping someone bring their dream to fruition.”

Another positive of working for Holladay Properties is the large amount of teamwork that they encourage and require. For Vargas, the constant collaboration is a huge asset to the team and something she looks forward to when coming into work. The team and people she deals with on a daily basis are part of what makes her enjoy coming to work each day.

“We do a lot of collaboration and rely on each other a lot,” Vargas said. “We all have our strengths and weaknesses and we know that if there’s an area that isn’t our strength, we can go to someone for help and guidance.”

Overall, Vargas loves Holladay and the positive way they operate. She says it’s not just the amazing projects she works on and the variety, but also the concern for how the project will add to the community it’s being built in. For them, it’s more than just building and making money.

“We have a really dynamic group here; Holladay makes sure to hire good people,” Vargas said. “When we look at a project, we look at how this is going to impact the community and the people of that community. Our team cares about those things, it’s not just something we put on paper.”

Vargas is just one of the many dedicated staff members at Holladay Properties helping their projects move from vision to reality. To learn more about Holladay Properties, visit their website here!