High School Bowling teams all across Northwest Indiana are on a roll

High School Bowling teams all across Northwest Indiana are on a roll

Bowling in Northwest Indiana (NWI) is a hot commodity, especially in a high school environment. Schools like Valparaiso High School, Michigan City High School, Munster High School, Lowell High School, Wheeler High School, La Porte High School, and much more are competing in the Lakeshore Indiana High School Bowling Conference (Lakeshore IHSB). 

The season starts mid-October, but most teams do callouts in August. 

Continuing, the schools have separate boys and girls teams or just boys and girls groups depending on the size and how many people sign up. 

The schools compete in a local setting alongside their peers listed above, but they also compete at a state level against other schools that they do not see regularly.

  • Michigan City High School Bowling team's home base is City Lanes, located in Michigan City, Indiana.
  • Chesterton High School's Bowling team's home base is Inmans Bowling and Recreation Center in Valparaiso.
  • Lake Central High Schools’ Bowling teams’ home base is Stardust Bowl in Dyer, Indiana.
  • La Porte High School Bowling teams' home base is Caseys Lanes in La Porte, Indiana.
  • Then lastly, the Hobart High School Boys Bowling teams’ home base is Hobart Lanes in Hobart, Indiana.

Each team has a set a date for practice and callouts, but the actual start date is in October when all the teams in the Indiana High School Bowling Conference Lakeshore (IHSB) compete until the first couple weeks of February the next year. 

Next, here is what happened this past season as teams competed at certain teams' home bases. 

At the end of the regular season, the Valparaiso Boys Bowling team ranked first with 176.5 points, the Chesterton Boys Bowling team ranked second with 171.5 points and the Wheeler Boys Bowling team ranked third with 143.5 points. 

A specific team like the Wheeler Boys Bowling team won sectionals on January 14 as they averaged 220 over 12 games. Wheeler then continued victorious as they were conference champions. 

As for the girl's bowling teams, in the regular season, the La Porte Girls Bowling team ranked first and were conference champions, Hobart Girls ranked second and the Valparaiso Girls ranked third. 

If you are interested or have a child that is interested in bowling, here are links to teams around the area to contact for more information:

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