Hartman Global IP Law protects your property in more than 160 countries

Hartman Global IP Law protects your property in more than 160 countries

In a global economy, protecting your brand, products, and inventions is a complex process. Doing it alone is a challenge at best, and a nightmare at worst. Hartman Global Intellectual Property Law formed in 1990 to help businesses and inventors, both small and large, protect their intellectual properties on an international scale.

Hartman Global’s team of attorneys protects their clients through expertise in patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Learning all the ins and outs of those laws as well as the protections afforded by them in just one country is often not enough. There are IP thieves across the globe ready to profit at the expense of unprotected entrepreneurs.

“There are individuals and small companies out there making simple inventions, and it’s often really easy for those to be reverse-engineered and copied,” said Domenica Hartman, co-founder of Hartman Global Intellectual Property Law. “There are people who’ll look at those and think, ‘I can figure out how to do that,’ and then they’ll be making a version of your product in China practically immediately.”

Hartman Global protects clients by helping them navigate IP law in more than 160 countries, and their current clients hold trademarks and patents in more than 40 different countries and regions around the world.

“While most countries follow the same kind of framework, they all have their own nuances,” Hartman said. “Our clients hold patents and trademarks in regions all across the world.”

All manner of businesses are at risk, from Fortune 500 tech companies and manufacturers, down to local entrepreneurs.

“We have one client, an individual from Chesterton, whom we filed protections for in Europe and Australia because that’s where her product is being made,” Hartman said. “We also have a gentleman from Gary whom we’ve filed for in six different countries because his product can be used anywhere. It’s not just something that should only be considered by companies and big corporations. It’s your baby, you brought it to fruition, so let’s protect it.”

Filing for IP protections in other countries requires getting an attorney from that country to represent your product or idea in that country’s courts. Thanks to their three decades of business, Hartman Global possesses a strong network of agents who protect their clients internationally.

“The whole process of patenting can be overwhelming and new, especially to individuals and small companies,” Hartman said. “We walk them through the process, and always talk about providing foreign protection. It’s about letting them know the options available and how we can protect them globally.”

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