CompressAir: a Northwest Indiana Company with World Class Service

CompressAir: a Northwest Indiana Company with World Class Service

If you live within the La Porte or Elkhart area, chances are you may have passed the CompressAir facility and thought to yourself “what are they all about”?

CompressAir provides sales, service and air audits to help customers with their air system question, Their sales team of Air System Specialist are talented and can help you find the right fit for your application. With factory trained service technicities, they work on all makes and models of compressed air. They also conduct air audits to help consumers find ways to conserve energy but more importantly to save money.

With a factory trained service team like CompressAir, you can be sure to count on them when it comes to your preventative maintenance or unplanned downtime. Keeping up with your preventative maintenance on your equipment will help extend the lifetime and keep your equipment under warranty. They provide around-the-clock emergency service, you can count on the knowledge and dependability of their service team members.

According to their company’s website, up to 50% of energy is wasted due to piping leaks and their factory trained personnel and DOE-certified AirMaster are equipped to analyse your system to provide the most accurate data possible on your current system via air audits. “Often times there are enough saving opportunities found to allow companies to take advantage of local energy rebates towards more efficient equipment,” said CompressAir.

CompressAir-SullairIndustries that involve the usage of chemical, construction and mining, food and beverage, gas compression, general manufacturing, industry and automotive, oil and gas, power generated, mobile power, and pharmaceutical all are applications that use compressed and will benefit from the services CompressAir provides.

CompressAir is an authorized Sullair distributor. Sullair is an industrial air compressor manufacturer. They are well known for their rotary screw air compressor and manufacturer other stationary air compressors, portable, oil-free and centrifugal compressors and air treatment.

Other products that CompressAir offers are mobile power, medical air and vacuum, blowers, air system controls and monitoring, system piping solutions and accessories. Not ready to purchase a machine yet? CompressAir offers compressor, dryer and vacuum pump rentals.

To find out more on pricing and availability, contact CompressAir at 219-369-4880 for their La Porte location or 574-970-0301 for their Elkhart location.