Check your fluids: CompressAir suggests fluid analysis every six months

Check your fluids: CompressAir suggests fluid analysis every six months

Would you let your car go without routine maintenance? Routine maintenance on your compressed air systems is vital to ensuring the longevity of your equipment. Efficiency is key when using a compressor in any facility or jobsite, so taking every step possible to ensure your equipment is running at peak performance will save time due to unneeded maintenance.

Steve Hill, Air System Specialist with CompressAir, shares some of the go-to knowledge of making sure your equipment stays as efficient as possible.

“We recommend you get it serviced every 2,000 hours or every 6 months” Hill said. “While under warranty, we do what’s called a fluid analysis, where we take a sample of the oil that’s inside your compressor and we send it out to a lab for them to run tests on it. The tests make sure that your machine doesn’t have any type of contamination such as dirt or water in the oil. Those checkups are vital to making sure your equipment will last for as long as possible.”

If your compressor is polluted with dirt, water, or any other contaminants that make their way into your compressor, the equipment needs to be flushed and drained of all fluids. Getting your equipment flushed will result in preventing more damage occurring to your compressor. This damage from having impurities in your fluids can result in your compressor getting damaged, which could result in further failures down the line.

The fluid analysis comprises of analyzing the total acid number (TAN) in the fluids, checking the pH levels to make sure they are perfectly balanced, and also checking for additives and the particle count. These steps are taken to make certain that your compressor is healthy, and running efficiently.

“If your equipment needs to be flushed, we make sure someone is there every step of the way,” Hill said. “Making sure that your compressor is free of contaminating materials is one of the things people can expect if they buy equipment from us.”

Although CompressAir services all makes and models of compressed air equipment, CompressAir is an Authorized Sullair Distributor backing up the Sullair products. We advise our customers to have a fluid analysis at least every 2,000 hours or every six months, whichever comes first. This, along with quarterly (which should happen every 2,000 hours or every six months of use, whichever comes first) and yearly maintenance (which should happen every 8,000 hours or yearly of use, whichever comes first) will help create a healthy maintenance schedule.

“You wouldn’t go a long time without getting your car’s oil changed,” Hill said. “It’s the same concept. As long as you’re keeping up on your check-ups, then your compressor will last for years to come.”

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