Brummitt Elementary Students Participate in Red Ribbon Week

Red-Ribbon-week-at-BrummittDuring Red Ribbon Week at Brummitt Elementary, students were able to dress up as what they plan to be when they grow up. The special saying for the day was, "Our Futures are Bright! We are Drug Free!" Pictured are student representatives, front row, left to right, Morgan Darnell-veterinarian, Morgan Steele- baker, Tyler Vereb-veterinarian and Andrew Kazmierczak-firefighter. Row 2, Claire Swistek-doctor, Lux Mountford-cat cardiologist, Carlie Fisher-olympic gymnast, Lyric Griffin-Sox first baseman, Arwel Salazar-engineer, Ayden Bozak-police officer and Emily Fleischhacker-veterinarian.

Back row, Eusibuo Kelley-police officer, Jackson Dudek-artist, Adeline Janowski-fashion designer, Molly Billings-nurse, Maggie Ray-teacher, Kelly Rivas-artist and Max Wilcox-football player. The National Red Ribbon Week celebration, October 23-31, provides drug awareness by encouraging youth around the country wearing Red Ribbons as a symbol to raise awareness of the killing a destruction caused by drugs in America. The campaign serves to mobilize communities to educate youth and encourage participation in drug prevention activities.