An inside look on working at Levin Tire & Service Center

An inside look on working at Levin Tire & Service Center

Plenty of benefits come with trips to Levin Tire & Service Center for routine tune-ups and services, but what about the benefits that come with being employed there? Laura Whitfield, Human Resources and Quality Assurance Coordinator for Levin Tire & Service Center, explained just a few of the ways it pays to work with Levin Tire.

For starters, Levin Tire offers employees a chance to develop their careers within company arms. While first assumptions might call to mind the type of positions job hoppers are drawn to, Whitfield attested that the company offers the type of opportunity and employee benefits that fit diligent workers.

“We don’t want to be a mere stepping stone—we want to work with people who are looking for a home to grow into,” she said.

Levin Tire maintains high expectations for employees, and those expectations are reflected in the high compensation available. As for health benefits, Levin Tire offers a full family package—a rarity in its industry. Many companies of a similar caliber extend benefits to employees alone. Whitfield added that the plan is considerably more affordable than others as Levin Tire covers 72% of the medical premium for family packages.

“In the seven years I’ve been with Levin Tire, the cost of our healthcare package hasn’t raised a penny,” Whitfield said.

Beyond compensation and benefits, employees are treated with choice incentives to rise to expectations. Levin Tire’s rewards program allows service technicians to trade in customers’ glowing reviews for points redeemable on gift cards. For sales representatives, each sale they make is redeemable in points as well. An inter-company Groupon offers perks like movie tickets and discounts in popular stores. The rewards extend beyond the workplace, too—gym goers can receive points each time they pay a visit to the health club as a reward for living a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, managers send out a weekly email shouting out specific employees on their successes.

“Employee recognition is a big cornerstone in our company,” Whitfield said. “People don’t feel motivated every working day, even with excellent opportunities. That affirmation has a huge impact on performance and morale, and we believe it goes a long way toward making Levin Tire an excellent place to work and rely on as a customer.”

Levin Tire & Service Center also offers reimbursement for technicians that seek additional certifications, provided they pass the coursework. Service advisors and various levels of corporate positions also receive ongoing opportunities for onsite training.

Employees are given all the support they need to succeed at Levin Tire, and there’s merit to be found in a company that has an inviting work environment. Whitfield herself can speak to this. Starting out in Quality Assurance, she has spent the past year flourishing in her HR role. An annual picnic is just one of the projects she’s developed to strengthen company bonds. Last year’s inaugural picnic proved a big success, and she’s already busy planning this year’s event. Employee families and friends are welcome.

“We are like a big family. A lot of us retire here, and that’s a track I’m happy to be on,” Whitfield said.

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