A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Connie Vizena

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Connie Vizena

Connie Vizena stands as a shining example of community engagement with her involvement in many roles and responsibilities. She serves as the Crossroads Chamber Ambassador Committee Chair and Expo Committee Member.

Vizena embodies dedication and passion for community betterment. Beyond her chamber commitments, she also holds the pivotal role of general manager at BELFOR Property Restoration, a reputable Merrillville-based disaster recovery company.  

In her capacity within BELFOR, Vizena is at the forefront of facilitating actions and aid for communities struck by disasters. 

“As an ambassador, we are the frontline of the chamber. We volunteer our time to be like mentors for new members,” said Vizena. “We attend any function we can, such as ribbon cuttings, golf outings, networking nights, and expos. We try to be at all the luncheons and events so that we are familiar with people. Our company never wants anyone to come to the Crossroad Chamber and feel alone.” 

Vizena and her team place a strong emphasis on ensuring their customers feel welcomed and valued

“As a very large chamber, it can be intimidating to walk into a room with over 100 people,” said Vizena. “As co-chairs, we encourage our members and other ambassadors to ensure there's always someone available at meetings so no one feels intimidated or unwelcome.”

At BELFOR, Vizena prioritizes empathy training, ensuring staff understand and care about the challenges others face. This approach leads to better service and stronger connections with those they help.

“It’s not excellent service; it's service excellence,” said Vizena. ”Our team must provide industry-leading experience to people. Our organization does not want our consumers to forget the great service that we offer. It's important in times of disaster that we're very understanding. It's important that we have sympathy and also train our employees. Customers may be a little upset today; however, our company doesn’t take it personally because we understand they're going through a traumatic part in their life.”

Vizena and her colleagues rise to the occasion when faced with challenges, working tirelessly to find effective solutions.

“There are always challenges because every job situation is different,” said Vizena. ”Whether it's helping someone find their homely possessions or gathering items that they need for the night, we have to be able to pivot from each situation. There may be circumstances where people are very happy or some where people are very unhappy because they just rebuilt their basement and now it's under two feet of water. Our corporation always has to be ready to take on different situations at any time.”

In her role, Vizena has experienced not only professional growth but also her personal development and character along the way.

“Making myself present has helped me get involved in as many activities as I can,” said Vizena. “If there's an event, I make sure we’re there, meeting and greeting to get to know as many people as we can. This helps me build trust, and I have been very blessed to have a following of people who refer me to businesses because they have met me through my involvement with helping within the community. As I meet more people, they see my faith and trust through me being a part of the chamber.” 

Vizena even loves to volunteer outside of work, such as volunteering for Night to Shine sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. Night to Shine is a prom night experience for teens with special needs.

“One of the best moments I had this year was volunteering to be a part of Night to Shine. It was one of the most humbling experiences in my life. To be a part of that was truly amazing,” Vizena said. “Those are the things that I try to do outside of work. I volunteer for those with special needs and also have taken sign language classes. I sit on the board now for Sounds of Sarah, which is a non-profit.”

Vizena's multifaceted contributions resonate deeply, leaving a mark on those she serves and the communities she uplifts.