A Special Thanks to Teachers, Coaches and Mentors Who Shape Lives

Lakeside-Wealth-A-Special-Thanks-to-Teachers-Coaches-and-Mentors-Who-Shape-Lives As another school year comes to an end and kids look forward to their summer plans, we want to take a second to thank all teachers, coaches and mentors who have played an intricate role in shaping our lives.

Recently, Lakeside CEO, Mark Chamberlain, invited his high school basketball coach in for breakfast to catch up and express his gratitude for the way Coach Fred Mitchell helped shape his life.

“Sometimes you don’t realize how much of an influence these teachers and coaches have on you until you’re older,” comments Chamberlain. “Today, I was able to make a long overdue thank you breakfast for a man that helped give me the confidence I needed to succeed.”

Coach Fred Mitchell was the head basketball coach for Chesterton High School from 1977 to 1989 and is a current assistant coach for the Chesterton Lady Trojan basketball team. Mitchell was named the 1982-1983 Boys District Bob King Coach of the Year.

As summer begins and the graduating class of 2017 take their first steps into the next chapter in their lives, take a moment to reflect on the teachers, mentors and coaches who’ve made lasting impressions on your life. The best thing you can do is say thank you and pay it forward.

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