A Spark for Change: Slicer Pride

sparkforchange rotator2-newSchool is back in session! While this may cause stress and anxiety for some, I couldn't be more excited to be back. It's not hard to feel eager for school when I get walk into the most incredible school every single day. La Porte High School is so much more than anyone knows. Sure, it's easy to point out the few issues and make them seem enormous, but not only is it unfair, it's untrue. In honor of starting another school year, I thought I would let everyone know why they are lucky to have such an innovative and student-centered school in our community in list form because what teacher doesn't love lists?

1) Unequaled Students
The best part of the entire school is our student body. The kids at LPHS inspire me every single day. We have kids studying in Europe for the summer, students helping on mission trips in third-world countries, students who work to help support their families, students who have talents that would blow your mind, and most importantly, students with hearts who will make a difference in this world. I stand in the hallways every day in awe of the kids we have, and it makes me even more proud to be a Slicer. Our kids become leaders after leaving the halls of LPHS.

2) Personal Connection
If you walk down the halls of LPHS, you will find an inspiring amount of teachers, counselors, and administrators who were once Slicer students, and, to me, that speaks volumes. La Porte High School was a place that fostered our creativity and growth, and now we want to do the same and even more for the kids who are in the exact places we were. Mr. Tonagel's "Once a Slicer, always a Slicer" phrase rings true. It's personal to so many staff members. It's our school, our community, and our kids. The teachers who were not former Slicers have become Slicers themselves and add so much to our school as well.

3) Virtual Aspect
LPHS offers the Virtual Learning Academy, which is taking the school by storm. Long gone are the days of cookie cutter education. VLA has helped and will help a mindboggling number of students turn their futures around. Students who once thought there was no way out now have a beacon of light directing them to a life they want and can be proud of. VLA is also a tool to help even the most advanced students accelerate ahead or free up room for more educational opportunities. This program is racking up local and national awards, and it is only in its third year of existence. Keep an eye out for this program.

4) Administration
La Porte Community School Corporation is blessed with strong leadership, and LPHS is at the top of the list. The administrative group who leads our school every day has one focus: the students. They are constantly looking for new ideas to implement to better the educational experience at the high school. They are not afraid to make the hard decisions if it's in the best interest of the kids. Education is a passion for each of our leaders, and I feel confident with the leadership we have.

5) Teachers
I can tell you this as a fellow teacher and a former student, LPHS has some of the most dedicated, creative, and intelligent teachers around. My teachers cared about me, and there are a few who are still there who completely changed my life. I see that and even more now that I work alongside the staff. The teachers want to get better and do more to be everything the students need and deserve. The people of La Porte should feel fortunate to send their children to such remarkable educators.

6) Pride
Say what you want about La Porte, but it is a proud community. Being a Slicer means something to everyone. When someone is in trouble or something goes wrong, this community bands together and becomes a family. The same thing happens at the high school. Most students realize how lucky they are to don the orange and black and be a part of this family. Being a Slicer means you're strong, talented, thoughtful, determined, creative, and capable. It's an honor to be a Slicer.

7) Excitement
There are numerous new ventures happening within the halls and around the campus. The new football field has quickly been garnering attention and should create a newfound excitement during the upcoming football season. More and more students are coming to LPHS from outside corporations with open enrollment, and the administration has us on track for new and exhilarating changes. It's a great time to be a Slicer.

As the alarm goes off Tuesday morning, I will wake up with excitement knowing that I get to help another crop of students, and they will in turn help me. Be proud of LPHS. There are so many incredible things happening daily, and unless we highlight the positives, others won't see what we do. If another school corporation came to me tomorrow and asked me to go there, it would be the easiest no I have ever said. I am a Slicer through and through.

Go, Slicers!
Miss Parker