A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Pat Huber

Pat-HuberPat Huber will forever have Crown Point in her heart and in her blood. As president of Crown Point's Community Foundation, her dedication and love for the Crown Point community is something she wears proudly on her sleeve.

Huber is a native of Crown Point, being a graduate of St. Mary's Elementary and Andrean High School. Huber then went on to Marquette University in Wisconsin before coming back to her beloved hometown.

"My family is what drew me back," says Huber. "Crown Point is ingrained in my family and they also had a family business here with Huber's Department Store. It's a 20-year family business that had my parents and my brother working and gaining valuable experience there."

Huber credits her time working at the department store as a valuable learning experience that leads to her eventual presidency at the Community Foundation.

"I pretty much did everything while I was there," says Huber. "Sales, maintenance, and building a relationship with the local community that lead me to gain valuable experience."

Huber's Department Store closed in 1996, allowing Huber to take on another job with the Northwest Indiana Special Education Cooperative, another valuable learning experience that contributed greatly to her current position.

"I worked with 10 districts and worked on the administrative staff," says Huber. "This lead me to learn how boards function and learn how to utilize computers in an effective way."

Her role as President requires her to use all of the skills from previous careers and apply them to serving the Crown Point Community. Through the Community Foundation, she ensures that the right community groups and people receive the help they need.

"I work closely with our board members who drive much of the work we do," says Huber. "It is an extremely dynamic and active board who are very engaged and driven for success. The relationship we have between the board and staff is very strategic and is a wonderful partnership.'

The Community Foundation works to make sure that community-based organizations such as the police department and library receive the proper donations and funding, ensuring that local needs are met.

"People can donate or leave a gift of any size," says Huber. "No matter what they contribute, they can rest assured that their funds will stay in the community and your neighbors and community will receive the benefits."

When Huber isn't working with the community, she is spending her time outdoors as well as enjoying everything the Crown Point offers.

"I love to walk, run ride my bike and hike," says Huber. "I also love reading, as well as being a quilter and spending time with my family."

Huber loves Crown Point. She loves her community. To her, there is nowhere else like Crown Point, a fact that drives her to always find new ways to better the community.

"Crown Point is economically viable and it’s a wonderful place to gather. For all age groups, it so important to have a place to gather," says Huber. "It makes me happy to know that I can be driving through town at 10:30 pm and still see cars and people out. It's a vibrant community with amazing venues and I absolutely love it."