A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Joe Conboy

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Joe Conboy

Joe Conboy is the proud owner of Conboy's Detail & Customz, a full-service interior and exterior shop, and has been since March of 2021.

“Conboy’s Details & Customz started in my house and outgrew that too fast. I started making plans to build a shop. Then COVID and the price of lumber went up and everything just kind of screwed things up. But, I soon found the shop that I'm in now. We officially opened the doors here at the shop location Jun. 1,” said Conboy.

Before Conboy’s Details & Customz became a business, it was just a high school dream to Conboy.

“I’ve always liked to do this ever since high school, and I was looking for a job at the time. I started talking to my fiance. And she's like, ‘well, you really like to do this? Why don't you start a business?’ So we played around with it for a little bit and talked about it. I started messing around in the house just to see what would happen. Then word started to spread quickly. It was like spring and summertime, so it's a busy time. I want to say I had a car at least four days a week. Then I decided to probably make some of this. I got certified for a few things, and then decided to open the shop. I wanted to try to do something on my own, maybe leave a legacy for my kids. And it's been nonstop ever since,” said Conboy.

When starting a business it can sometimes take a while to push yourself to do it. Conboy’s constant support from family and friend’s helped push him to create his business. His knowledge of business also helped him along the way.

“It was a ton of support from my family and friends that gave me the push to start my business. But also, since I’ve been on both sides of the fence; I've been a fiscal worker, veteran, I was on the management side. I have a rounded about knowledge of how businesses work. Plus just doing a bunch of research on my own. But probably the biggest part of it was just encouraging myself to do it,” said Conboy.

Conboy’s Details & Customz can do work on almost anything for everyone.

“I've done things like people's motorcycle helmets all the way up to giant tractors, trucks, grain trucks and farm equipment. I like the diversity of things that I can do,” said Conboy.

There are many things to be grateful for when owning your own business. Conboy loves the fact that his family name is able to make an impact in people’s lives.

“The satisfaction of when people contact you is something I always enjoy. They're like, ‘Hey, I heard about you from this person’ or when we're out and about and we have our shirts and sweatshirts that have the company name on it. Having my family's name out there is probably the biggest satisfaction,” said Conboy.

Even outside of work, Conboy’s life consists of automotives. Conboy loves to ride motorcycles and take road trips with his family.

“I ride motorcycles for fun; I’ve been riding for about 27 years now. We also travel wherever we can. We like to go explore and do something new when we have the time. We travel locally around Michigan and in northern Indiana. We also have a bunch of friends that live in Florida so we go down there if we can. We usually always make a road trip out of it,” said Conboy.

Conboy’s best advice he could give new business owners is to always find connections, and make sure you know your audience.

“Some advice I would give is to check what programs are out there because there's a bunch of stuff to help get you started. There's also a ton of local resources around here too that can help,” said Conboy

For more information about Conboy’s Details & Customz, email Joe Conboy at Conboy.detail@gmail.com.