Leadership Life Series | NIPSCO President Mike Hooper | What are you looking for in your next leaders?

In this segment, NIPSCO President Mike Hooper sits down with GreatNews.Life Founder and Owner Chris Mahlmann to talk about future leaders. 

Hooper noted he’d like to see more upcoming leaders at NIPSCO that have different leadership styles than himself to add diversity to the company. The variety in life experiences adds more perspectives to the workplace, making it easier to problem solve and get things done. 

“There’s actually more value to the organization, long-term, in looking for leaders that are less like me then more like me,” Hooper said. 

Being around like minded people, he believes, helps to convince ourselves we can’t be wrong, so adding in those diverse opinions also helps to ground and redirect our thinking patterns as well. Hooper is constantly working each day to strive for such an environment in the NIPSCO environment.