Leadership Life Series | NIPSCO President Mike Hooper | The journey to being President of NIPSCO

Listen to NIPSCO President Mike Hooper tell GreatNews.Life Founder and Owner Chris Mahlmann his journey to his current role within the company.

Hailing from the East Coast, Hooper was presented with a unique opportunity in engineering school.

“We moved to West Virginia when I was 13, and there was a large coal-fired power plant near my house,” he said. “I had the opportunity to apply and get an internship while I was in engineering school in the summer at this power plant.

This was Hooper's introduction to the utility industry, and from that point forward he was hooked. He then spent almost 16 years at American Electric Power, working in their systems across the country from Arkansas to Louisiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. 

In 2010, one of Hooper’s mentors was recruited to NIPSCO, officially marking the start of Hooper's journey to Indiana.