Lady Lifers celebrate a legacy that is Built to Last

Founder Chris Mahlmann has carried the torch that spreads an ever-growing light of optimism and hope throughout the Region for over a decade. That torch has been officially passed to Mahlmann’s long-time Executive Director Jenny Craig-Brown.

Craig-Brown will be leading GreatNews.Life alongside managers Stephanie Swearington, who will serve as the Director of Operations and Human Resources, and Kayti Grable, who will serve as the Editorial Director. The three form a female management team; a collective powerhouse that will use its complementary skills to lead the Lifer team into a new era of positive news.

No one person can take on this whole company. It is built to be run through an army of great people, and the stars have aligned to bring together what is essentially our dream team to do just that. Join us as we celebrate one man’s crazy dream of a legacy of positive news. We’re enduring, resilient, and Built to Last.