#1StudentNWI: Indians Never Stop Competing

This month at Lake Central (LC), a Veterans Day assembly was held on November 8. Students had the opportunity to bring in veterans or current service members as a thank-you for their sacrifice for this country. The celebration started with breakfast and ended with a ceremony.

Fall sports have officially come to a close, and to honor the athletes who have dedicated themselves to their individual sports, a banquet will be held this coming week. All the athletes will be honored for their achievements both academically and athletically throughout their careers. This will also be a closing chapter for this year's seniors.

Intramural volleyball season has officially begun, and students at LC are able to compete against each other in order to prepare for the big tournament after multiple weeks of gameplay. Each team has been chosen by players in order to give their best for the season. After volleyball season, intramural basketball and flag football will start up. Despite fall sports ending, intramurals can take the place to keep the competition high for Indians!