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Family to Family Support Group
Building ‘Yes Brains’ at Porter-Starke Services’ 2019 Living, Balance & Hope Symposium Fri, 24 May 2019 01:08:36 +0000 Sarah Corn “What we give attention, what we really pay attention to, can change how our brain is firing and wiring,” said Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, keynote speaker at Porter-Starke Services’ tenth annual Living, Balance & Hope Symposium.

Living-Health-Balance-Hope-Symposium-2019-2Held Thursday at Valparaiso University, this year’s symposium focused on engaging children and adolescents in mental health practices. Dr. Bryson works closely with young minds as Founder and Executive Director of The Center For Connection and The Play Strong Institute in Pasadena, California.

Living-Health-Balance-Hope-Symposium-2019-3She and co-author Dr. Dan Siegel have written extensively about their experiences, most recently in their book, “The Yes Brain,” as well as in two New York Times Bestsellers, “The Whole Brain Child,” and “No-Drama Discipline.”

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Living-Health-Balance-Hope-Symposium-2019-4“A ‘yes brain’ is open, receptive, it’s willing to try new things,” Bryson said. “It’s balanced, resilient, insightful and empathetic.” “No matter how old we are, the brain still has plasticity, or the ability to change,” she said.

Living-Health-Balance-Hope-Symposium-2019-5Elliott Miller, Director of Marketing and Development for Porter-Starke Services, was excited for the keynote address.

Living-Health-Balance-Hope-Symposium-2019-6“I always get inspired to hear experts in the industry share their knowledge with us and with the greater community,” Miller said.

The Living Health, Balance & Hope Symposium, Miller explained, is an annual educational event offered to clinicians that provide care in the community.

“But it also inspires anybody, regardless of their profession, to live a more healthy, balanced, hopeful life,” he said.

“Our mission at Porter-Stark is to enhance the quality of life of our community. So this symposium is really an opportunity to do that,” said Sandy Carlson, Vice President of Clinical Services at Porter-Starke Services.

As someone very familiar with Bryson’s work, Carlson was thrilled to be able to bring the expert to Valparaiso.

“I already have her books, and I was just really looking forward to meeting her and learning from her today along with my colleagues,” she said.

Carlson is part of the team that selects the speaker each year. She said they look for someone who can really engage with people while also mirroring the strategic initiatives they have as an organization. This year, one of Porter-Starke Services’ priorities is enhancing their school-based services and work with children and families.

With two small children at home, Matt Burden, President and CEO of Porter-Starke Services, really appreciated Bryson’s advice.

“I think the big takeaway is for us to recognize when we’re in the right zone as parents as well as when our kids are in the right zone for learning,” Burden said. “I think if we can remain aware of both of those things, it will help in the house.”

He mentioned that he was particularly impressed with the group of attendees and the content of this year’s event.

“I do want to commend all of our team,” Burden said. “Every year, they put on a fantastic event. They really wanted the tenth to be special and I think it has been.”

Building ‘Yes Brains’ at Porter-Starke Services’ 2019 Living, Balance & Hope Symposium
A look back at Porter-Starke Services annual Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium Fri, 19 Apr 2019 05:49:37 +0000 Julia Demma A Look Back at Porter-Starke’s Annual Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium

The Porter-Starke Services Foundation’s 10th annual Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium is coming up next month! The Symposium, which includes a keynote breakfast and breakout sessions with Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D., is vital to educating and generating awareness within the community Porter-Starke Services serves. The Symposium is just one way that Porter-Starke Services encourages community members to come together and learn more about mental health and wellness.

“Not everyone needs to come in for treatment at Porter-Starke Services, but anyone can benefit from the message of health, balance, and hope presented at the Symposium through our keynote speaker and breakout sessions,” said Elliott Miller, director of marketing for Porter-Starke Services. “People in the community can apply those principles on themselves and others.”

As the 2019 Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium approaches, take a look back at some previous Symposiums and their key points!

2015 Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium

PorterStarke2015Community members learned more about resilience in mental health. Key speaker Donald Meichenbaum, Ph.D., Research Director of the Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention and Treatment of Victims of Violence, told stories about people who have been able to bounce back, what drives resilience, and how to be resilient in our own lives.

2016 Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium

PorterStarke2016The focus on this event was understanding depression and exploring various ways to spot and treat the illness. In his 40 years of treating depression, Dr. Michael D Yapko shared his findings and helpful tips about noticing and treating depression with the crowd.

2017 Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium

PorterStarke2017The keynote speaker was the renowned psychotherapist, author, cognitive behavior educator, and researcher Dr. Christine Padesky, who encouraged attendees to use practical suggestions for mood management in their lives. 

2018 Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium

PorterStarke2018The keynote speaker brought new light to the recent trend of mindfulness, primarily as “noticing and accepting our moment-by-moment experience,” which is a research-proven strategy to help us let go of unproductive mental habits and replace them with ones that make life richer and more rewarding.

2019 Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium

The upcoming 2019 symposium on May 23 will feature Dr. Bryon’s clear, humorous, and helpful presentation of science-based strategies that nurture strength from the inside out. The engaging exploration of the Yes Brain will show how this mindset encourages children and adults to say yes to the world, even during difficult times. Attendees will leave with practical ways to encourage Yes Brain qualities, such as emotional balance, resilience in the face of frustration, personal insight, and compassion for others.

The event will take place at the Harre Union located on the Valparaiso University campus. For more information about the event, visit

A look back at Porter-Starke Services annual Living Health, Balance and Hope Symposium
Residences at Deer Creek Improves Quality of Life for Residents with Dementia with Snoezelen Therapy Fri, 07 Dec 2018 22:21:22 +0000 Curtis Hankins Residences at Deer Creek, a premiere senior living community in Schererville, was recently named a “Caring Super Star of 2019.” This nationwide honor means that according to consumers on one of the leading portals for senior care information,, Residences at Deer Creek is one the nation’s leading service providers. One of the main reasons they cultivate trust and satisfaction with their residents, is due to their innovative ways for improving the quality of life for their residents, such as their Snoezelen Therapy Environments.

Snoezelen is a therapeutic approach that creates a calming, multi-sensory experience that lowers stress and promotes natural relaxation. Entering a Snoezelen room is a striking experience, filled with unique sights, sounds, and smells that combine to promote mental health in anyone. Research shows that dementia patients in particular enjoy both short and long-term benefits from multi-sensory therapy.

The center of Residences at Deer Creek’s Snoezelen experience is the series of “bubble tubes” that cycle through every color imaginable. Memory care residents can gaze at the tubes and track the bubbles that flow through them, promoting color recognition and visual perception. There is also an 8-Way switch that lets residents cycle through colors on demand, allowing users to control their therapeutic experience.

Aromatherapy is also core to the experience. When combined with the sights and sounds, the calming aromas that fill the therapy room provide relief from anxiety and depression as well as improved sleep. Everything comes together to provide residents with a way to improve their quality of life in a safe, fun environment.

These therapies are a a fun, relaxing way for residents to spend their time while also letting them take charge of promoting their own positive mental health. Snoezelen is just one of the number of holistic therapies that Residences at Deer Creek provides to enrich the lives of their residents. To learn more about Residences at Deer Creek, visit them at

Residences at Deer Creek Improves Quality of Life for Residents with Dementia with Snoezelen Therapy
Porter-Starke Services of Valparaiso Says “Welcome Home” to Residents with Opening Celebration for New Aurora View Apartments and Townhomes Fri, 26 Oct 2018 00:41:46 +0000 Dan Petreikis Representatives from Porter-Starke Services welcomed community officials, partners, and concerned citizens to celebrate the grand opening celebration of their new Aurora View Apartments and Townhomes project, providing safe, affordable housing to homeless and disabled residents of the area.

A project more than five years in the making and coming in at a cost of over $6 million, Aurora View was fully funded by federal tax credits and private investors, at no cost to local residents or the city of Valparaiso.

2018-Aurora-View-Porter-Starke-02Mary Idstein, Chief Financial Officer of Porter-Starke, was pleased to announce the opening of the housing opportunity.

“This was a joint partnership between Porter -Starke and Housing Opportunities. We formed a partnership called Aurora View to provide housing with stable, subsidized rent,” Idstein said. “This provides safe, clean housing to those who have been disadvantaged.”

The project consists of 23 units across two locations. Aurora View Apartments, located on Valparaiso Street adjacent to the post office, consists of 15 one-bedroom apartments. Aurora View Townhomes is located on Vale Park Road and consists of 8 units: two three-bedroom units and six two-bedroom units, which provide housing opportunities for those who were recently homeless.

2018-Aurora-View-Porter-Starke-03Idstein said that, although the apartments on Valparaiso Street have existed for over 30 years, they were thoroughly remodeled as part of this project.

“They were gutted to the studs and rebuilt with new interiors. Everything has been re-thought and remodeled to provide a better experience for those living here. Handrails have been added, and walk-in showers have replaced the former bathtubs for added convenience and safety,” Idstein said. “It’s really giving people a new chance and they are so excited.”

2018-Aurora-View-Porter-Starke-04Matt Vessely, Regional President of 1st Source Bank, calls the project “a great addition to the landscape of our community.”

“We have a great relationship with the folks at Porter -Starke and Housing Opportunities, and we were pleased to partner with them on this project to provide affordable housing,” Vessely said.

“We were happy and grateful for the opportunity to help them with this project, from helping to arrange financing, to assisting with facilitating the grant application request to make investments and charitable donations to the project,” Vessely continued. “This is consistent with our mission to improve our communities, and this project does exactly that.”

2018-Aurora-View-Porter-Starke-05Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas addressed the crowd that had gathered to celebrate the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Valparaiso Street location, saying that projects like Aurora View help to strengthen the community.

“We live in a world where we need each other. My family has been touched by these non-profits and this is what makes a community work,” Mayor Costas said. “Our community is better because of this project.”

2018-Aurora-View-Porter-Starke-06Other partners assisting with the project included Cinnaire, Core Construction, Shive Hattery Architecture and Engineering, the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority, Milestone Ventures, and FHLBAnk of Indianapolis.

If you would like more information about Aurora View, or services offered by Porter Starke, visit them online at

Porter-Starke Services of Valparaiso Says “Welcome Home” to Residents with Opening Celebration for New Aurora View Apartments and Townhomes
Community Foundation of NW Indiana announces VP of Information Technology/CIO Tue, 04 Sep 2018 21:19:20 +0000 Community Healthcare System Jesus Delgado joins the Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana, Inc., parent company of the hospitals of Community Healthcare System, as Vice President of Information Technology/Chief Information Officer, effective August 13. Delgado will be responsible for strategic planning, directing and managing information technologies for Community Hospital, Munster; St. Catherine Hospital, East Chicago and St. Mary Medical Center, Hobart.

Delgado brings to the healthcare system more than 27 years of information technology experience. He previously served as executive director of IT Operations and Cyber Security at Rush University Medical Center and also as IT Operations team leader for the MacNeal Health Network, both in Chicago.

“As we continue to streamline patient care through the use of electronic medical records and expand on operating efficiencies with innovative medical technologies, Jesus’ extensive experience will complement our already exceptional healthcare team,” said Donald P. Fesko, President and Chief Executive Officer, Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana, Inc. “His strong leadership qualities and background in healthcare infrastructure transformation makes him well-qualified for this position.”

Delgado earned his bachelor of science degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from DeVry University, a master’s in Information Technology Management from Northwestern University and a doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix.

For more information about the hospitals of Community Healthcare System, visit

Community Foundation of NW Indiana announces VP of Information Technology/CIO
Porter-Starke Encourages Mindfulness with Dedication of New Labyrinth Thu, 28 Jun 2018 00:12:16 +0000 Jennifer Bissonnette On Wednesday afternoon, Porter-Starke Services welcomed the community to their dedication of the newest labyrinth in Valparaiso. Located on the corner of Wall Street and Cumberland Drive, the labyrinth is open year-round for the public’s use.

The new labyrinth falls right in line with Porter-Starke’s desire to help people find health, balance, and hope in their lives. Based on a medieval labyrinth on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France, the labyrinth was created using repurposed bricks donated to Porter-Starke and provides a path for people to walk along and practice mindfulness.

Porter-Starke-Encourages-Mindfulness-with-Dedication-of-New-Labyrinth_02 “We started building this about three years ago,” said Sandy Carlson, Vice President of Clinical Services. “We built it as a tool to help people relax, find their center, bring health, balance, and hope to their life. It’s a walking meditation tool that lots of people can take advantage of.”

Porter-Starke-Encourages-Mindfulness-with-Dedication-of-New-Labyrinth_03 A major theme of the morning included encouraging a sense of community in the area. The repurposed bricks were donated from demolished buildings in Gary, something Rocco Schiralli, former CEO for Porter-Starke Services, says is a symbolic gesture of the communities coming together and creating more beautiful moments for everyone.

Porter-Starke-Encourages-Mindfulness-with-Dedication-of-New-Labyrinth_04 “We’re always trying to find ways to be innovative and work with the community,” Schiralli said. “This [labyrinth] allows you to experience a meditative walk, help you feel better, leave your troubles behind, as well as get some exercise. It also makes this corner of our community beautiful and open to the public for them to use and share.”

Porter-Starke-Encourages-Mindfulness-with-Dedication-of-New-Labyrinth_05 While Schiralli was involved during much of the planning, Porter-Starke’s newest CEO, Matt Burden was excited to see the development since his start with the company six months ago. Over that time, he’s been impressed with the development and dedication to the project.

Porter-Starke-Encourages-Mindfulness-with-Dedication-of-New-Labyrinth_06 “I’ve gotten to see the labyrinth evolve quite a bit over the past six months,” Burden said. “With the way that it’s been landscaped and the additions that have been made, and the staff that have been working on it, it has evolved into this beautiful labyrinth. It’s been wonderful to see that and all the hands that have made it happen.”

For the community, the labyrinth at Porter Starke Services offers a refreshing way to practice mindfulness and relaxation.

To learn more about Porter-Starke and their services, visit their website here!

Porter-Starke Encourages Mindfulness with Dedication of New Labyrinth
Dr. Ron Siegel Brings Mindfulness to Porter-Starke Services’ 2018 Living Health Balance & Hope Symposium Thu, 24 May 2018 23:59:48 +0000 Peter Krivas Early Thursday morning at Harre Union on the Valparaiso University campus, Porter-Starke Services Foundation hosted their 2018 Living Health, Balance & Hope Symposium with special guest Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD. The annual symposium helps educate, advocate, and celebrate mental health and wellness, and features leaders and innovators from the field speaking on a variety of subjects.

This year’s symposium: The Mindfulness Solution, Everyday Practices to Improve Your Wellbeing, lived up to its name.

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“Mental Health, in a hierarchy of health issues, is usually towards the bottom. But just because someone doesn’t have a broken bone, doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting,” said attendee Michael Newhard of Bartholomew Funeral Home in Valparaiso. “Patients don’t always know where to go to get that mental health support, and it’s important to support that.”

Guests were treated to a breakfast of bacon, coffee, and an array of tasty sweets among other things to fuel their minds ahead of this informative talk, which would require them to do a little brain training.

“It’s been a great nine years, and it continues to get better every year,” said Chris Campbell, Chairman of the Porter-Starke Services Foundation Board.

Porter-Starke-Mindfulness-Symposium-01 Matthew Burden, President/CEO of Porter-Starke Services, was pleased to be at this year’s event and has been to all of the preceding symposiums. He also expressed gratitude for former President/CEO Rocco Schiralli who has helped Burden in his transition as the new CEO.

“As the new CEO I am really fortunate to be surrounded by outstanding people. If you ever have the opportunity to become CEO of an organization where the previous CEO is willing to stick around and ensure a smooth transition and is willing to freely share his knowledge, and if that person has even half the heart or brain or integrity of someone like Rocco Shiralli, I can only say take it, because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Burden said.

As Dr. Siegel took the stage he brought new light to the recent trend of mindfulness, which is a word often used, but not often well understood.

Sigel defines mindfulness primarily as “noticing and accepting our moment-by-moment experience.” This, he says, is a research-proven strategy to help us let go of unproductive mental habits and replace them with ones that make life richer and more rewarding.

“Wellbeing is very good for your health. There are many studies that show that when people feel better psychologically, they do better physically, they are more productive. Basically, their lives are better all around,” Siegel said.

Porter-Starke-Mindfulness-Symposium-03 This news might not be surprising, but it underscores how important this topic is to everyone, and why it is an important practice for mental wellbeing. Especially considering genes account for a plurality (50 percent) of what determines how happy a person is, while attitude accounts for 40 percent, and the actual circumstances one encounters only account for 10 percent.

“So many things that we pursue require that we have more and more of them just to stay in the same boat,” Siegel said.

Where does this mindset of constant craving that makes us unhappy come from? Siegel traces the origins of how and why our minds think the way they do to our evolutionary history and how that evolutionary baggage remains with us today.

Siegel used the example of Lucy, our famous Australopithecus fossilized ancestor, to illustrate the challenges she would have faced on the savannah and how her brain was her greatest asset to survival in a harsh world.

Porter-Starke-Mindfulness-Symposium-04 “Of all the things she had, the most important was the capacity to think. She could analyze the past and determine what went well and what went poorly and strategize for the future. It is actually this capacity to think which grew immensely [that helped her so much]. But our brain development was not the development of some neutral, rational computer; we developed what cognitive scientists call a negativity bias,” Siegel said.

This means that we tend to latch onto our negative experiences rather than the positive, because our brains are programmed to retain those memories to increase our chances of survival and avoid danger.

So how do we avoid this evolutionary pitfall? Siegel says the key lies in being more aware of the present moment and avoiding the mentality of chasing some future hypothetical moment of happiness.

Porter-Starke-Mindfulness-Symposium-05 Not sticking to the merely theoretical, Siegel invited the entire audience to close their eyes and attempt a mindfulness exercise. Comparing the brain to an untrained puppy, he directed the audience to bring their attention back to their breath whenever it wandered, and allow their thoughts to come and go “like clouds in a vast sky.”

“Mindfulness brings us into the present moment so we’re not chasing future desires,Siegel said.

Dr. Ron Siegel Brings Mindfulness to Porter-Starke Services’ 2018 Living Health Balance & Hope Symposium
A Community’s Healthy Living Program Thu, 19 Apr 2018 18:52:16 +0000 Contributor For nearly two decades, Sibo Llano has devoted her career to the wellbeing of moms and babies at Mental Health America of Lake County. Sibo is the Early Start Coordinator and she is partnering with HealthLinc East Chicago to assist with MHALC’s goal to reduce infant mortality.

The Early Start program is a free voluntary program that is designed to help women get the support and services they need to have a healthy baby.

“By handing out flyers and vouchers and speaking one-on-one with pregnant women, I am able to educate them on our parent support programs,” said Llano. “Giving people the opportunity to succeed in having a healthy pregnancy and baby is my top priority.”

The Early Start program originated when MHALC recognized in 2017 that Indiana had the eighth highest infant mortality rate in the United States, with 7 deaths per 1,000 live births. The program is primarily focused in East Chicago, because the 46312 zip code has the highest infant mortality rate in the state.

Llano started her career with MHALC as a Family Support Specialist in 1999. Nineteen years later, Llano travels the community reaching out woman who are pregnant to promote and enroll women in the Early Start Program.

MHA-A-Communitys-Healthy-Living-Program_02 “I wanted to work in this position because I am a member of the community and I am also bilingual, which helps me connect to moms,” said Llano. “I genuinely enjoy helping people and supporting families that are a part of the community.”

To ensure that everyone gets the care they need, The Early Start program offers a free screening plan to ensure optimal individualized care and referrals.

Dr. Sonya Williams stated, “It is so inspiring to see the commitment Early Start has in providing quality services to our patients. My team and I do our best to make sure every patient who qualifies for the program is given the opportunity to obtain services.”

“We just want to be out there and be known for giving people options and affordable care,” said Llano.”

As MHALC works alongside HealthLinc East Chicago through The Early Start program, it remains a safe place to help women and their families become the best parents they can be.

Mental Health America of Lake County can be contacted at 219-937-7733 with questions about all their parenting programs and referral services. You can visit their website at

A Community’s Healthy Living Program
Porter Starke Services and Marram Health Centers Honor Employees at Annual Employee Recognition Awards Fri, 12 Jan 2018 01:32:31 +0000 Jennifer Bissonnette Porter Starke Services and Marram Health Centers are known for their commitment and dedication to the community and clients they serve. With employees who consistently work to help others, it only makes sense to recognize them from time to time. That’s why each year they hold their employee recognition awards, providing much need praise, scholarships, and awards to those who have worked hard for them over the years.

Award recipients are honored each year, and the awards at the end of 2017 were no exception to this. With two foundation scholarships, eight special recognition awards, the MORE Award, Matthew Ikeda Award, and the Fred C. Skinner Award given out, many received recognition that is sometimes hard to come by.

Both Cali Young and Andrea Farmer were recipients of a Foundation Scholarship, providing them much needed funding to continue toward their goals.

“By receiving this, Porter-Starke Foundation has shown their continued dedication to supporting me in both my personal and professional growth,” explained Young. “It’s important to provide this recognition to employees due to the affirmation, encouragement, and support it provides the employees to remain motivated, committed, and enthusiastic about the care we provide.”

Eight employees were also given special recognition awards and were happy to see the appreciation Porter-Starke and Marram Health Centers displayed toward them. Among those receiving awards were Candice Hunter, Nina Johnson, Jill Suboh, Christi Harshbarger, Channae Watkins, Cassie Klumpp, Christina Boisselier, and Leslie Medeiros.

“I think it is wonderful for Porter-Starke Services and Marram Health Center to recognize and value the work that employees accomplish,” said Nina Johnson. “Marram has been a great place to work and the best place for care.”

Christi Harshbarger echoed these sentiments.

“I think recognizing their employees in this way helps employees to feel valued and know that their hard work does not go unnoticed. I feel that employees that feel valued will continue to work to their best ability,” said Harshbarger.

Candice Hunter, one of the recipients, also expressed how highly her co workers and the organization as a whole think of each other.

“Not many people can say they wake up every day and get to work with colleagues so committed to the wellbeing of those that they serve,” explained Hunter. “I am thankful to say that this is an apt description of the employees and staff at Porter Starke and Marram. It makes for a unique and exceptional workplace experience.”

Of the final awards, the MORE Award was given to Kate Sanders for her exceptional efforts to further the mission of Porter-Starke Services.

“Receiving this award was a fun way to cap off a busy year for me, in which I was asked to take on more projects with greater scope. I’m glad to have been specially acknowledged, and I’m encouraged to continue learning and growing with my fellow staff this year,” said Sanders.

The Matthew Ikeda Award for Commitment to Caring is given to someone with three or more years of service to Porter-Starke Services who demonstrates a devotion to the organization and its clients. They are also flexible and adaptable to the challenging environment they face. For 2017, this award was given to Susan Rizer.

“I’m honored to receive the Matthew Ikeda Award for Commitment to Caring. Demonstrating kindness and compassion are traits I strive for in my personal and professional life. It feels good to be recognized for the passion I have toward my profession,” said Rizer.

The final award was the Fred C. Skinner Award, the highest award given to a staff member at Porter-Starke Services. This is meant to honor someone who represents a level of devotion and commitment to Porter- Starke Services that goes above and beyond what is required. This award was presented to Tim McCurdy, Director of Child and Family Services.

“At every level of the organization, Porter-Starke services is truly dedicated to helping and serving our communities. One of the things I value most about working for Porter-Starke is getting to share my days with people who deeply care about the health and wellbeing of every single person in the communities we serve,” explained McCurdy. “There’s a certain kind of job satisfaction that has nothing to do with things like salary or benefits, and it’s much harder to find a workplace that provides that kind of satisfaction. I’m proud to work at an organization that truly cares about the people we serve.”

For the employees of Porter-Starke Services and Marram Health Centers, the Employee Recognition Awards are more than a simple way to say thank you. They are grateful for the recognition and happy to receive the encouragement to move forward in their careers.

Porter Starke Services and Marram Health Centers Honor Employees at Annual Employee Recognition Awards