Acting Out Wellness

By: Marci Crozier Last Updated: October 22, 2011

Acting Out Wellness Sticking our own balance and bring in harmony with yourself brings psychological benefits. The benefits can be seen through our actions and are key to having good rapport with people we come in contact with. Bottom line, when we are well and feel...

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By: Marci Crozier Last Updated: August 27, 2011

Prayer Many years ago, I asked our Pastor about Prayer. I really wasn’t sure how to pray and what I should say. He gave me some words of wisdom and I wrote them down and saved them. The other day I was looking through my daughter Casey’s devotional...

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Self Esteem 101

By: Marci Crozier Last Updated: August 13, 2011

Self Esteem 101 People write me every day and they put themselves down!!! I don’t like it. How does someone expect to develop high self esteem if they repeat negative phrases about themselves and their abilities? This has to stop…FIRST in our Self Esteem 101...

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Life is Good!

By: Jake Sidwell Last Updated: May 12, 2011

Life is Good! Aldous Huxley once said, "Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness. It's generally the by-product of other activities."Keynote speaker, Bill O'Hanlon, a nationally renowned psychiatrist and author of numerous books, spoke at...

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