The Lakes of Valparaiso Summer Party Brings Together Residents and Staff for an Unforgettable Night of Bonding and Fun

Autum Meyers
By: Autum Meyers Last Updated: August 3, 2022

The overwhelming sense of community was a wonderful thing to behold at the Lakes of Valparaiso Summer Party on Friday, July 29. Residents came to the party as strangers, but after hours of fun entertainment including a cornhole tournament, a hula-hooping contest, a frozen t-shirt race, and a water balloon toss, the Lakes residents left as friends. 

The Lakes of Valparaiso Summer Party 2022

The Lakes of Valparaiso Summer Party 2022 54 Photos
The Lakes of Valparaiso Summer Party 2022The Lakes of Valparaiso Summer Party 2022The Lakes of Valparaiso Summer Party 2022The Lakes of Valparaiso Summer Party 2022

Each month, the Lakes of Valparaiso team holds a unique event for its residents. The Summer Party has been one of their biggest events yet. 

“Each month we’re trying to cater to different types of interests. Today is more geared towards family fun. But with some of the games and the entertainment we have planned I think everybody will enjoy it,” said Jennifer Coleman, Community Manager of the Lakes of Valparaiso.

The residents in attendance at the Summer Party enjoyed themselves and so much more. Delicious food was catered from El Amigo, trays of cookies were set out for little kids to happily munch on, and there was even an edible arrangement that residents quickly dug into. 

A DJ kept the night alive with music everyone loves while the adult residents put their names into a raffle and won all sorts of prizes. Kids ran around hula-hooping and chasing each other with balloons. There wasn’t an unsmiling face the entire event.

The event may have been a blast, but the event was just as much about having fun as it was about bringing together the community. “It’s so nice to meet you!” and “What’s your number?” were buzzwords of the night. 

Dameron R., a resident who has only been living in Valparaiso for a little over a year, was grateful for the opportunity the Summer Party gave him. 

“This is good for people like me because I’m not from here. This is a great opportunity for me to meet people. I’ve already exchanged numbers with somebody. It makes me feel more comfortable being here,” said Dameron. 

Comfort and a sense of community are what the Lakes team strives to give its residents with these types of events.

“I think what kind of sets us apart from other communities is that we truly cater to our residents. So, rather than looking at them as somebody that lives in this apartment, we try to know their name, try to interact with them, and if there’s something we can do for them we’ll certainly do that,” said Coleman. 

The team members had just as much fun at the event as the residents. They talked and laughed with the residents, called them by name, and ogled over their new babies. The Summer Party truly brought everyone together, both residents and staff. 

After the success of the Summer Party, there’s no doubt that future events will continue to strengthen the Lakes community. There are already many plans, including monthly movie nights and a Halloween party that is sure to be just as enjoyable. 

“We truly are invested in our residents, and we look forward to being able to provide these types of events,” said Coleman. 

To learn more about the Lakes of Valparaiso and its welcoming community, visit https://www.lovthelife.com/