Robert Heady: Sales, Cars, and Family

Grace Bentkowski
By: Grace Bentkowski Last Updated: April 27, 2022

Some know him by “Mr. Cardigan,” others call him “Bob,” and prospective customers address him as Robert Heady, salesperson at Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM in Highland. 

With four years of experience on the sales team, Heady has been fortunate to become a part of the Thomas Dodge family. By working with co-workers and advisers that make the dealership feel like home, Heady spends about 60 hours a week helping his sales crew around the department. 

“The Thomas family is great to people,” Heady said. “They definitely take good care of us.”

According to Heady, each day at the dealership is full of responsibilities that he enjoys fulfilling, starting off with customer care. Heady follows up with previous customers who have bought with Thomas Dodge and new customers who are looking to make a purchase. 

No matter the seniority of the customer, Heady says the key to helping all customers in the best way possible is found within the intent. 

“The best way to conduct a sale is to treat people the way that you want to be treated,” he said. “Always take care of customers the way you want to be taken care of."

Heady discovered this ideology while working in retail management prior to his career at Thomas Dodge. With 12 years of management experience, he took the same saying and applied it to car sales.

Along with customers, Heady said the sales team also works closely with the service team day to day. Specifically, the sales team helps prepare cars for delivery at the dealership. 

The most important responsibility on Heady’s to-do list, though, is selling products on the floor. 

“Be the salesperson you’ve always wanted to have,” he said. 

Thomas Dodge sells cars of all sorts, ranging from each of the five brands on the lot. According to its website, this location is also “home of the Lifetime Warranty,’ which is greatly promoted in sales. 

Heady hopes that the many benefits that Thomas Dodge has to offer inspires customers to purchase their next car with them, including his co-workers. 

“Thomas Dodge is made up of an incredible group,” he said.

While at Thomas Dodge, Heady has learned many valuable lessons from the people he is around most and encourages readers to listen to the people they are surrounded by with open ears. 

“Take advice from co-workers, family, friends,” he said. “You can take a little knowledge from everyone that you work with and add that into your repertoire,” he said. 

Personally, Heady has learned the importance of adaptability in the workplace. By having an open mind, he has been able to improve inside and outside of the dealership. 

“I’m always looking to better myself in my work,” he said. 

When he is not at the dealership, Heady spends his time with his two children in Hammond, where he has lived for the past 30 years. 

To learn more about Robert Heady, Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM, or the sales team, visit its website at https://www.thomascdj.com.