GreatNews.Life takes on the Boyd Clean Initiative at Blue Chip

Kali Beatty
By: Kali Beatty Last Updated: September 28, 2020

In June the Blue Chip Casino, Hotel and Spa reopened their doors after the COVID-19 stay-at-home order with a brand new set of rules and regulations to keep employees and guests safe and healthy. To better understand how these changes have affected the Blue Chip Casino atmosphere, our founder, Chris Mahlmann, and Executive Team Leader, Jenny Craig-Brown, went to the Blue Chip for a first-hand experience of the Boyd Clean Initiative. 

Some of the Boyd Clean safety protocols include: mandatory face coverings and temperature checks for all guests and team members, social distancing requirements and capacity restrictions, enhanced cleaning and sanitation of all high-touch surfaces, increased placement of hand sanitizer dispensers, and electrostatic sprayers to sanitize rooms.

I felt extremely safe and comfortable at the casino,” said Craig-Brown. “From start to finish you are kept very aware and you are able to see everything that is being done to keep things clean.” 

“The Blue Chip is doing an amazing job at creating an environment where you can feel safe and enjoy yourself,” said Mahlmann. “There was never a time where I was confused or left questioning the process.”

From a sanitized dining experience to the spick-and-span guest rooms, Craig-Brown and Mahlmann were never left feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. 

“The Game restaurant had these Asian-inspired salads that were so fantastic, it was clean, and the service was amazing,” said Craig-Brown. “They also showed us the room cleaning process and what they’ve changed. There’s so many minute details that go into keeping guests safe.”

There are no more paper products, throw pillows, or unnecessary extra items, which leave the rooms feeling minimalistic and clean. But all-in-all the real changes to the feel of the Blue Chip are minimal. 

“The Blue Chip has always had a nice, elegant feel, and now you just have this extra level of sanitization that made it feel more safe,” said Craig-Brown. “The biggest difference was seeing hand sanitizer dispensers, and the plexiglass walls fitting into the theme of beauty and elegance.”

Overall, there was nothing to be scared of. 

“With the current climate, safety is more important now than ever and there is a sense of heightened care with the Boyd Cleaning Initiative,” said Mahlmann. “Since I was last at the Blue Chip, the biggest difference is the sense of security I feel while enjoying everything that the casino offers.”

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