Vein & Laser Institute offers affordable cash option for ultrasound tech

Kellyn Vale
By: Kellyn Vale Last Updated: August 31, 2020

High deductibles or lack of access to healthcare are obstacles preventing many people from receiving the services they need. Fortunately, Vein & Laser Institute is combatting this issue by offering an affordable cash option for patients’ ultrasound imaging needs.

“Unfortunately, with what many health insurance plans are today, many people are struggling with high deductibles, sometimes in the thousands, and patients don’t get benefits until those extremely high amounts are met. Others have no health insurance at all. Both of these issues force people to sometimes go without healthcare and medical testing.” said Dawn Oswald, Assistant Director of Operations at Vein & Laser Institute. “This all-inclusive cash option lessens financial burden and gives patients the opportunity to have medically necessary scans they may have otherwise gone without.”

Patients can receive a multitude of ultrasound services, including thyroid, complete abdomen, limited abdomen, kidneys and bladder, bladder only, transabdominal pelvis, testicles with vascular, carotids, aorta with vascular, lower extremity arteries, ankle brachial indices, and venous doppler. Price ranges from $75-$285 depending on the service.

“Price includes the scan itself as well as the final dictated report, which will be forwarded to the patient's ordering physician,” Oswald said.

To take advantage of this offer, patients should call ahead to schedule a time slot and ensure they are properly prepared to undergo examination.

“These are scheduled exams and many of them require preparation the day of the testing,” Oswald said. “For example, remaining NPO after midnight, drinking water before scan, etc., so patients are advised to call ahead and learn the full details of their procedure.”

Currently, these scans are only offered at Vein & Laser Institute’s Munster and Crown Point locations, and patients are required to have a written order from a physician to receive their ultrasound. 

“When our doctors interpret the ultrasounds, a formal diagnostic report will be created and sent to the patient's family doctor,” Oswald said. “The patient will then get their results from the physician who ordered the ultrasound.”

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