UnitedHealthcare’s new NWIndiana All Savers Alternate Funding plan makes coverage affordable for all parties

Allison Tunstall
By: Allison Tunstall Last Updated: August 28, 2020

With the status of our world creating uncertainty in healthcare and the economy, providing employees quality health benefits, while helping companies balance important cost savings is on everyone’s mind. UnitedHealthcare recognized businesses’ need for affordable coverage for employees and created the All Savers Alternate Funding health plan, a plan designed to not only save you money, but also put that money right back into your pocket.

The All Savers Alternate Funding health plan is essentially a self-funded plan. Many companies choose this option when looking at different choices for employee health coverage because of its cost control and ability to spread claims across a large net of employees. However, the All Savers Alternate Funding plan has extra safeguards in place to protect your business and avoid the risks that typical self-funded plans bring. With rates based on employees past claims experiences, businesses are not overcharged for coverage they may not even need. 

Portfolios include HSA, PPO, and EPO plans for medical coverage of employees and their families, a network of over one million healthcare professionals for employees to choose from, and the chance to bundle vision and dental plans for extra savings. These portfolios ensure that your health plan is customizable to fit your business’ and employees’ unique needs. 

Employees can take charge of their health journey by participating in wellness programs like UnitedHealthcare Motion. This program allows employees to set daily walking goals and earn up to $1,000 back into their health savings account (HSA), or Rally, a unique program where wellness goals are set and employees can compete in fun health missions and challenges to earn prizes. 

The All Savers Alternate Funding health plan offers businesses and workers stability in an industry that historically makes navigating it difficult. With fixed monthly payments, like what you would find in fully-insured plans, and safeguards to prevent major loss when those unexpected high claims happen, businesses can navigate coverage simply and manage their plans without worry that their bottom line will be impacted by what life throws at it. 

And with life throwing more than usual at businesses, both big and small, having a health plan that not only allows for unprecedented savings, but also money back to you and your employees, is a welcomed relief. On average, businesses and employees in Northwest Indiana in 2019 received a year-end surplus of $6,016. By providing the tools necessary for employees to take control of their health—like UnitedHealthcare’s successful wellness programs— the options for plans that best suit business’ needs and access to the right resources when needed ultimately lowers employee claims, saving them and the business money at the end of the year. 

To learn more about the All Savers Alternate Funding Health Plan and how it can save you and your employees money while still providing the quality health benefits that UnitedHealthcare has built its foundation on, please visit their website at uhc.com/nwindiana or call your broker today.