Mascot Hall of Fame invites you to create your own mascot

By: Mascot Hall of Fame Last Updated: March 26, 2020

Stay engaged from home by posting your photos and videos as the series continues! 📲

So TODAY we ask YOU and YOUR Family Team to create your very own Mascot! ✂️🖍📐🎨

Be creative! Be Wild and Wacky! And TELL US...

▪️What your Mascot’s Name?
▪️What Type of Mascot is it?
▪️What does Your Mascot look like? IF you want to, go ahead and create a costume at home using stuff around the house!
▪️What is your Mascot’s slogan or catch phrase?
▪️What over the top gimmick is your mascot known for?
▪️What’s your Mascot’s theme song?
▪️Does your Mascot do a special dance or signature move?
▪️How does your Mascot support the community?

What else should we know?
Make sure to send us pictures or videos! https://www.facebook.com/MascotHallOfFame/

Here’s a video of some FUNNY MASCOT MOMENTS to get your creative wheels turning!