New Residence Hall at Calumet College of St. Joseph

By: Kellyn Vale Last Updated: February 18, 2020

With the new year comes new opportunities and new plans to seize them, and Calumet College of St. Joseph (CCSJ) rolled into the decade with big plans in mind. One of CCSJ’s most exciting projects for 2020? The addition of its first student housing units as part of Whiting’s new Illiana apartment complex.

“We have always been a commuter school, but with the addition of athletics 20 years ago, it became necessary for more students to find housing closer to campus,” said CCSJ president Dr. Amy McCormack. “This prompted a discussion about adding residential options for our students.”

Until now, students have had to find housing and roommates on their own, sometimes receiving house hunting assistance from their coaches or CCSJ faculty. The Illiana apartments will provide a more structured approach for housing options and allow CCSJ to better serve its students.

“Students would be part of a master lease with the management company for the Illiana apartments, and billing would go through the college,” McCormack said. “Having these units available will be a great help to the student body, athletes and non-athletes alike.”

The Illiana building has 36 apartments, 12 of which will belong to CCSJ. Each 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom unit will house four students and be equipped with a washer and dryer. The move-in process can be daunting for college students and their families, but CCSJ is there to help make the move as smooth as possible.

“CCSJ will be furnishing the bedrooms with beds, dressers, and a desk so that students don’t have to move those items in and out of the unit,” McCormack said. “Roommates will decide how they want to furnish the common living space.”

The units are intended for new or transfer students that live beyond a commutable distance from CCSJ. Returning students will be put on a waiting list, and will be contacted should newcomers not fill the space.

“New students will have until April 1 to provide a housing deposit and then we will begin to approach students that are on the waiting list,” McCormack said. “Returning students will need to be registered and in good standing before signing up for the apartments.”

If new students do occupy the full 12 units, the rest of the student body need not panic. There are additional apartments open to the public, and any group of students interested can apply via the management company’s standard process.

“We’re excited to provide students a place to live and congregate together,” said Johnny Craig, Senior Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing and Athletics. “At the Illiana, students will be able to study and socialize together, making new connections beyond their smaller circle of friends.”

The apartments will not only help make student life easier but also introduce new students to the heart of the City of Whiting. The complex sits on a corner off of 119th Street, Whiting’s vivacious downtown strip.

“Having more students in the community and close to campus will provide more opportunities for students to support campus activities and the local businesses in the area,” McCormack said.

“We see the community as our campus and this project is a very visible representation of that vision,” Craig added. “Downtown Whiting is a vibrant place, and we’re excited to offer CCSJ students the opportunity to experience it.”

With enrollment on the rise, this strip of apartments is just the beginning of student housing at CCSJ. A small residential complex has also been designed for the vacant lot adjacent to the main college’s building at 2500 New York Avenue. If demand justifies, the first building in the 4-building complex will be completed within two years. 

“The on-campus housing would be designed for first and second-year students, which would allow the Illiana to be used for upperclassmen,” McCormack said. “The buildings in the complex are designed as small communities with either 28 or 42 residents that would share common spaces that include a common lounge, a shared kitchen, study spaces, and laundry.”

To learn more about Calumet College of St. Joseph and its dedication to student success visit: https://www.ccsj.edu.