#1StudentNWI Crown Point High School: Greenhouse Makeover

Brendan Hegeduis
By: Brendan Hegeduis Last Updated: November 19, 2019

What’s recently happened?

Crown Point High School students have recently decided to take it upon themselves to renovate the greenhouse at Crown Point High School.

The greenhouse’s purpose at Crown Point High School has always been a mystery. Students pass by in confusion as they try to figure out what class uses it and wonder how they can use it as well. Over the past few years, the greenhouse hasn’t really been used for much as they found out. 

Teachers used it to store plants in the winter if they wanted, and students didn’t get much time to enjoy its green, outdoorsy feel. Past students may have gone in there for fun with a teacher if they earned some free time. This year, students and teachers in select science classes have taken it upon themselves to redo and fix up the vacant greenhouse. The greenhouse has recently been modified by teachers and students to gain more traffic during lunch periods and other times throughout the day. If students feel they need to come and eat lunch in peace and quiet while working on homework, they will be able to with the newly renovated greenhouse. 

What’s coming up?

With the newfound help of students and teachers, additions have been made to the space with big plans in mind. For the past few weeks, students have painted the plant holders in the greenhouse. They chose orange and pink in hopes of giving the greenhouse a new and improved vibrant look. 

The students have also planted various vegetables which they plan on growing to be able to donate to food pantries in the upcoming months. The students and teachers involved in the remodeling of the greenhouse also wanted to renovate it to provide a space where special needs students can come and release stress. They can water plants, play with dirt, and socialize with other students in a safe and fun environment. 

Student spotlights

Two students at Crown Point High School have put all their time and effort into fixing up the greenhouse, Ava Hayse and Morgan Sianta. Hayse and Sianta have put a significant amount of their time into the remodeling. 

Ava Hayse is a senior at Crown Point High School and participates in GEMS and student council. She also plans to attend IUPUI when she graduates and hopes to major in nursing. 

“[The greenhouse] was a space with so much potential, and I thought it was sad to see it sit there and not be used to its full potential,” Hayse said. “I also wanted to grow things in the greenhouse that could help families during times of need.” 

Morgan Sianta, who is also a senior at Crown Point High School, is another student who has put a tremendous amount of time and effort in helping to transform the greenhouse. Sianta participates in GEMS and National Honor Society. She plans to attend ASU when she graduates from Crown Point and pursue her passion for science by majoring in biology. 

“We have planted vegetables such as peas, squash, peppers, and tomatoes,” said Sianta. “We plan to take these freshly grown vegetables and give them to food pantries for lower-income families during the holiday season.” 

Teacher spotlight

There is one teacher in particular who has spent her free time caring for the greenhouse and making sure it’s in the best condition possible. This teacher is Mrs. Cosme, biomedical innovations and BioMed teacher at CPHS. This year is her seventh teaching at Crown Point High School and her fourteenth year being a teacher. 

This year, Mrs. Cosme has created a club called GEMS, which stands for girls empowered by mathematics and science. Contrary to its name, anyone who is a student at Crown Point High School is free to join and help the community. In the new GEMS club at Crown Point, students participate in maintaining the greenhouse, listen to guest female speakers teach them about how they use math and science in their respective fields, and go on field trips to help clean the community. 

“This year, we have decided to grow specific aloe plants,” Mrs. Cosme says, “We are planning to put together a plant giveaway come springtime.” 

Mrs. Cosme is also helping students start a program where they are able to provide freshly grown produce to local families in need. Mrs. Cosme is very respected and looked up to by her students. She has an outgoing personality and is welcoming to any student who comes to her in search of more ways to get involved with the greenhouse and the community.