Leadership Life: Janice Wilson

By: GreatNews.Life Last Updated: October 3, 2019

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It’s not surprising that Janice Wilson, the CEO of NorthShore Health Centers, has a passion for making sure people have access to quality healthcare. She’s a nurse by trade. Since Wilson became CEO of Northshore Health Centers in 2003, she’s been able to take that nursing perspective and turn it into a growing web of services and caring, empathetic individuals and teams who are taking care of the underserved in our Region communities. Wilson holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honors from Indiana University Northwest School of Nursing. Before becoming CEO at NorthShore, she was the health services director for Portage Township Schools and the Executive Director of the Portage Township Community Healthcare Clinic. So, it makes sense that she was instrumental in opening the Portage High School Teen Clinic and extending that clinic to encompass a community health center – later known as NorthShore Health Centers. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau (Nursing Honor Society), National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC), Indiana Primary Healthcare Association, Covering Kids & Families of Indiana, National Council for Behavioral Health in Primary Care. In this segment of the Leadership Life Series, Wilson gives us an inside perspective on what it means to provide care first, before anything else, and how she relies on NorthShore’s mission to be the motivating factor for her staff to provide the best care.

Leadership Life | Janice Wilson | The beginnings of NorthShore

It all started with the need for accessible, affordable healthcare for children in schools and the underserved community. Janice Wilson, CEO of NorthShore Health Centers tells the story of how her passion and that of others was the driving force for NorthShore's opening.

Leadership Life | Janice Wilson| Getting healthcare to people

Janice Wilson, CEO of NorthShore Health Centers, discusses the balance between providing much-needed healthcare to the community, while still operating a business.

Leadership Life | Janice Wilson | Leadership style

Janice Wilson, CEO of NorthShore Health Centers, discusses her unique perspective on leadership and NorthShore employees.

Leadership Life | Janice Wilson | New Portage facility

Janice Wilson, CEO of NorthShore Health Centers, discusses the many new benefits the new Portage facility will bring to community members.