Home Health Aides at BrightStar Care of Lake County go the extra mile for their patients

By: Beth Ireland Last Updated: August 30, 2019

It takes a special type of person to lovingly care for others. At BrightStar Care of Lake County, there is a whole team of special people who focus on personal care for their patients. Home health care is a great alternative to nursing homes, and BrightStar Care of Lake County has some of the best home health aides alongside diligent RNs who extend that great care to patients.

“Everybody has a story to tell, if only someone would listen. Our jobs as care-givers is to listen to those stories,” said Carol Oostman, Home Health Aide at BrightStar Care of Lake County.

It’s those simple acts, like listening to someone’s story, that set the caregivers at BrightStar Care of Lake County apart. Going the extra mile is encouraged and supported by the organization as they know how it will improve overall care. Creating that one-on-one intentional care is important for building trust.

“I love that I can give all of my attention to one client at a time with Home Health Care,”  said Oostman.

“This type of interaction builds the relationship and builds trust,” said Andrianna Macklin, Home Health Aide. “You become family.”

The management at BrightStar Care of Lake County has the uncanny ability to pair their home health aides with the perfectly matched patient. Many of the caregivers find that the clients they see are easy to “click” with and allow them to optimally utilize their skills and training. This connection only encourages relationship growth and leads to better care.

“When they assign me to clients, they match me up well,” said Macklin. “I love that they put me with clients that I work well with, and this is a great utilization of my training.”

The management team at BrightStar Care of Lake County is supportive and takes care of their home health aides, instilling loyalty and happiness in their employees. Their team of Home Health Aide is dedicated, hard-working, and loyal. They enjoy working for BrightStar Care of Lake County, which allows them to turn around and give excellent care.

“I love BrightStar Care of Lake County. They empower us. Jean & Tracey are wonderful and the ladies in the office are phenomenal,” said Oostman. “They are so supportive. If I ever have the slightest question, I can call them day or night, and someone gets back to me right away.” 

“They make sure their employees are taken care of. That’s much appreciated,” said Macklin.

For anyone looking at Home Health as an option for a loved one, or themselves–knowing that they will receive the best care possible is important. The team at BrightStar Care of Lake County makes the effort to ensure they are providing the best of the best. 

“It’s a trustworthy company. They hire the best people for the job,” said Julia Albrecth, RN at BrightStar Care of Lake County. “Case Managers/RNs are required to check in on patients once a month, other companies do not necessarily require this. Management puts these values at the top.” 
Find out more about BrightStar Care of Lake County Care at their website: https://www.BrightStarcare.com/west-lake-county/about-us