Side by side, Indiana Beverage and Gary SouthShore RailCats strengthen Region

By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: July 31, 2019

As Brian Lyter, president of Salvi Sports Enterprises, and Armando Castellanos, lead brand manager for Indiana Beverage, insinuated—some partnerships just make sense. 

One such example is the partnership between Indiana Beverage and the Gary SouthShore RailCats. Indiana Beverage has been a proud and primary sponsor of the local baseball team since the U.S. Steel Yard opened in 2003.

“Our 16-year partnership has been one of our longest partnerships on record, and we look forward to more years to come,” Castellanos said.

The family-owned beer wholesaler has maintained healthy relationships with each general manager of the league, including the recently appointed Brian Flenner and Lyter, who served as general manager of the RailCats from 2015-2018. Lyter said the camaraderie is the result of more than a transactional alliance.

“I think it goes beyond just the quality brands that Indiana Beverage allows us to offer our fans—they’re also involved in helping us create promotions and awareness during our baseball season,” Lyter said. “They are always willing to help with their insight, even if it is outside the scope of distributing beer. They want to help guide us to make sure our draft systems are working correctly, and the signage around the ballpark is fresh and updated.”

Both Lyter and Castellanos expressed a fondness for the special events that are born from the two organizations putting their heads together. 

“I’ve always appreciated our collaboration to bring great experiences to the stadium such as Brewfests, promotions, and samplings that allow consumers to try some beers that they may have not had a chance to taste in the past,” Castellanos said.

Lyter agreed, explaining how the RailCats will tailor some of their promotions and events to pair with one of Indiana Beverage’s many brands. For instance, a tropical themed event is often paired with Modelo. Or, for an Oktoberfest event, The Devil’s Trumpet Brewing Co., a Merrillville-based brewery and a part of Indiana Beverage’s portfolio, will produce an early release of beer for the occasion.

“Those type of collaborative efforts tie an event together,” Lyter said.

Such entertainment comes with its risks, though, and neither the Gary SouthShore RailCats nor Indiana Beverage will lead their customers to bad decision-making.  

“We’ve also worked together to promote responsible consumption every year through Designated Driver promotions, and we’ve made the most of MillerCoors’ ongoing partnership with UBER,” Castellanos said.

“Both our companies focus on providing our customers with quality service and a great experience,” Lyter said.

The similarities don’t end there. Both Indiana Beverage and the RailCats have a supreme investment in the community, volunteering time, money, and effort to make the Region flourish.

“Both our organizations are so community-oriented and have partnered with many nonprofits throughout Northwest Indiana,” Lyter said.

“We love to work with local partners, in particular those who offer good, wholesome experiences for the families that live within our community,” Castellanos said. “We know that the RailCats share the same mindset, and it’s one of the many reasons we work so well together.”

With such an accord, the partnership is only going to endure and strengthen with time.

“I really appreciate their commitment to the RailCats,” Lyter said. “They have been wonderful partners for well over a decade, and that kind of local commitment has been very important to our organization. We look forward to working with them for years to come!”

Catch one of the upcoming RailCats games at U.S. Steel Yard while the weather is still warm—here’s a glimpse at their August schedule.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to offer some of the most amazing beers available to the most amazing baseball fans around,” Castellanos said.
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