Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana uses GPS to ensure quality service and safety for technicians

By: Beth Ireland Last Updated: July 10, 2019

Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana uses GPS trackers on their fleet vehicles to help them deliver on their mission to provide prompt, friendly service and the highest quality products.

Three years ago, Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana made it a priority to have their trucks fitted with GPS trackers to maintain the safety of their drivers, and to promote faster service to their customers. Mounted under the vehicle dashboards, the GPS units can track where each vehicle is and give a report on the technicians driving.

“It is a safety feature to help keep our guys safe, and it’s a great tool to help us schedule jobs for our customers so we can quickly and effectively get to them,” said Nathan Carrasquillo, Sales Coordinator at Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana.

Having the ability to track where each fleet vehicle is has opened the door (pun very much intended) for Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana to offer even better service to customers. When a service call comes in, they can quickly look at the GPS, see which technician is available and closest to the customer, and send them out for the quickest service possible.

The fleet’s GPS units are also a great way to keep Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana’s technicians safe. The main office staff now can send details to the technician’s vehicle about a service call via the truck’s GPS system. The technician can receive all the details without taking his eyes off the road. It also monitors the technician’s speed and harsh braking and issues a report each month. All of these aspects help keep insurance costs low, and employees safe.

The system also acts as a bit of a global communication service within the company, helping technicians who might need an extra hand or additional parts while on a job. The technicians find the system helpful and don’t seem to mind having their driving monitored.  

“Before, our technicians would have to call each guy to see where they are if they needed help, or a part, now they can just call the office and we can tell them who is closest to them. They also like to have a little competition on who has the best driving record for the month,” Carrasquillo said.

To find out more about Overhead Door Company of Northwest Indiana, visit their website at www.overheaddoornwi.com.