Legacy Foundation awards nonprofit organizations $100,000 in matching funds to help advance their missions

By: Julia Demma Last Updated: April 15, 2019

If you have a cause that you deeply care about locally, be on the lookout to help your favorite non-profit organizations in the area reach their fundraising goal during Legacy Foundation’s year-long Matching Gift Challenge. When an eligible donor contributes to a non-profit’s challenge grant campaign, Legacy Foundation of Lake County will match each non-profit’s amount at 50 cents on the dollar.

Matching gifts statistically have been proven to increase the rate at which people donate, and their average gift size. Thanks to a generous donation from the Dean & Barbara White Family Foundation, Legacy Foundation can help donors and partners fulfill their collective dreams.

“We’re really excited to be able to launch the Matching Gift Challenge in Lake County. Our mission is to help non-profits build their endowments. That is at the core of what we do, and so this incentive that we are able to provide with the help of the Dean & Barbara White Family Foundation is a great opportunity and falls right in line with our main goal as a foundation,” said Erica Fizer, Director of Marketing and Communications at Legacy Foundation.

Creating an endowment is an important strategy to set aside funds for the future and can be a hallmark of financial sustainability. Most endowments are designed to keep the original assets intact so they can grow over time, while also allowing a non-profit to use the annual investment income for programs, operations, or purposes specified by donors to the endowment.

The Legacy Foundation made applications for the matching gift challenge available to Lake County non-profits in February, and only five organizations were chosen to be a part of the Matching Gift Challenge. They are: Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Indiana, Meals on Wheels of NWI, Northwest Indiana Public Broadcasting/Lakeshore Public Media, Rebuilding Together South Lake County, and Tri-Town Safety Village.

These non-profits were hand-selected for the challenge based on readiness for an endowment fund, commitment from their board of directors, fundraising strategies, financial goals, donor databases, and a strong commitment to their respected organizations.

Bill Jarvis, Executive Director of Tri-Town Safety Village, said the opportunity to be part of the Matching Gift Challenge has considerably helped the organization meet its needs. The funds raised through the challenge are not saved for a specific cause, but are instead placed toward any area that needs the most help financially. 

“Being a part of this challenge feels like a load is taken off our shoulders in a way. It’s tough to stay afloat financially at points without having support. We are very grateful to Legacy Foundation and the Dean & Barbara White Family Foundation for this opportunity,” Jarvis said.

Legacy Foundation will be working alongside the non-profits throughout the Matching Gift Challenge.

“We will be providing guidance all throughout the process and hope to share resources and successes as a group while continuing to grow and build during the challenge,” said Kelly Anoe, Vice President of Legacy Foundation.

Like other non-profits selected to participate, the Tri-Town Safety Village has frequent events to promote donations and funding during the challenge. This non-profit has set a fundraising goal of $5,000.

“We hope that community members will continue to support us during this challenge so that we can continue to invest in our mission. It’s all about the children, and in order to plan for the future, we must invest in children today,” Jarvis said.

The challenge runs until the end of the 2019, so be sure to donate to your favorite participating non-profit by visiting their respective websites before time runs out! For more information, visit the Legacy Foundation website.