Deep Cuts: Hello From the Other Side

By: Steven Neville Last Updated: August 25, 2016

As many of you know, some of you may not, I cut back my role at Ideas In Motion Media. Not because I stopped believing in the GOOD News mission, but for precisely the opposite reasons. I have written a few articles on this already but I will spare you the details and just say that I needed to commit more time to my health and my family.

What I have found during my brief time away so far is that the GOOD News Train keeps on rolling; football still had its moment Friday; the great people in this community still got their time in the spotlight; and all those little dots of positivity in The Region were still being connected through the work of a great team. It showed me that this mission is far bigger than any one person, and that the spirit of spreading the power of positivity to others is alive and well..

In this world, with all the trials and tribulations we face each day, we need good news in our lives. We need to know that there are things in this world worth working for, and that no matter how small our contribution to the good of this world seems, it’s part of something much bigger.

That is why the GOOD news mission keeps on rolling, because it too is part of something bigger, changing the way we look at our Region through focusing on all the positive things we do. In other words, it’s not just GOOD news, it’s good LIFE.

And if you are thinking of ways you can help be a part of something bigger then remember this: a lot of our news comes from you reaching out to us. We try our best to find all the good in The Region, but if you know of someone or some organization that is doing something positive we want to help give them the spotlight they deserve.

Who knows, maybe that small story might ignite the next big idea. All I do know is that every little bit of good in this world counts.