TimberSeal Offers Cedar Siding Staining & Painting

By: TimberSeal, LLC Last Updated: May 22, 2015

Timber-Seal-Cedar-Siding-StainingBeautiful, durable, ecofriendly and rustic. All of these words describe one of the most popular siding materials in the world, Cedar Siding. While it’s certainly a more beautiful choice than many other siding options it does require maintenance to preserve and protect your home. With constant exposure to the sun, wind, rain and snow, cedar siding must have a quality coating applied to protect it. Without protection, cedar siding will begin to dry rot, warp, crack and split in a relatively short period of time introducing you to expensive repairs or replacement. TimberSeal provides the following services for cedar siding to protect and beautify your exterior:

Exterior cleaning and prep services to not only properly prepare your home for refinishing, but also keep it clean for the years between needed maintenance.

Repair and construction services to replace any damaged siding, soffit, fascia or trim prior to refinishing.

Caulking installation and repair to insure your home is water tight around the butt joints, trim, windows and doors; keeping the weather where it should be. Outside!

Numerous coating options to suit your taste and desired look for your home. These include semi-transparent, semi-solid and solid bodied stains for varied levels of transparency and protection.

Spray, brush and roll application methods are used to accommodate the various types of projects. Measures to protect adjacent areas not to be stained / painted are always put into place.

Add-On Services Available:
Deck Cleaning & Sealing
Paver Cleaning & Sealing
Exterior House Washing
Concrete Cleaning & Sealing
Concrete Staining
Finish Removal