NWILife News Feed https://nwi.life Wed, 18 Sep 2019 20:07:27 +0000 en hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.2.2 Secure Dental offers friendly, patient-focused atmosphere https://nwi.life/article/secure-dental-offers-friendly-patient-focused-atmosphere/ Wed, 18 Sep 2019 19:48:09 +0000 Julia Demma https://nwi.life/article/secure-dental-offers-friendly-patient-focused-atmosphere/ When patients visit Secure Dental, they’re treated with the highest standard of care. The dedicated and caring staff, including owners Dr. Noel Liu and Dr. Nazish Jafri, remain attentive to each patient’s needs and strive to be helpful throughout their time spent in the office, performing every service with a smile and with the patient’s best interest in mind.

Secure Dental offers a wide range of services to patients, including dental cleanings designed to improve smiles and prevent tooth decay. In addition to extractions, dentists also offer dental implants, which keep remaining teeth in place and aid with everyday tasks, such as talking and chewing. Dentures are another option for anyone with multiple missing teeth. Patients will also find that the office provides sealants, same-day crowns, and screenings for oral cancer.

Secure Dental values staying current by using the latest technologies. For starters, all charts are paperless and are digitally recorded. This feature minimizes mistakes made by bad handwriting. Digital X-rays and digital imaging provide instant results, and intraoral imaging makes it easy to spot diseases and cracks that otherwise would be hard to see.

The friendly atmosphere and patient-focused environment at Secure Dental is one that patients have come to love and appreciate. It is a non-judgmental practice that believes in accepting patients from all walks of life. Whether a patient has insurance, Medicaid, or neither, they are welcome at Secure Dental.

“The main thing we believe is that dentistry shouldn’t be very expensive—it should be very affordable for patients from every walk of life,” Jafri said.

Care for patients extends to the warm environment created at Secure Dental. When patients walk through the doors, they are greeted with a friendly smile and treated with generosity. The helpful team works hard to remain attentive to each patient’s needs and assist them through every step of their care. Plus, Secure Dental always keeps a clean office and plays background music in the lobby to help patients feel at home.

“We see a wide variety of patients, from infants to elderly,” said Alexia Fitzwater, Dental Hygienist at Secure Dental. “I build trust with my patients by having clear communication with them. I like to make sure we are on the same page and be honest and upfront with them, so they know what’s happening.”

As Willard noted, staff at Secure Dental genuinely has patients’ best interests at heart and will do everything they can to help you achieve optimal oral health. Each member of the knowledgeable team will clearly explain treatment options, provide honest recommendations, and will never pressure patients to do anything they don’t want or need.

It can be difficult to find a dentist that not only delivers quality care, but also treats its patients as more than just a number. Patients at Secure Dental are always treated as individuals. The team knows that each one has unique needs, and the staff does everything they can to fulfill them. Relationships are highly valued.

“What makes us most proud at the end of the day is our patients’ satisfaction,” Liu said. “Ultimately, when they are satisfied, that is what makes us most happy because that is what we strive for—trying not only to be good, but exceptional for them.”

A happy, fulfilling result is Secure Dental’s main goal.

“I just love the fact that when I’m done treating them, I get a huge smile from them, and they might not have smiled in a long time,” Jafri said.

To learn more about Secure Dental visit their website at www.secure-dental.com or give them a call at (219) 364-6385.

Secure Dental offers friendly, patient-focused atmosphere
SSL TO STOP SELECT TRAINS AT 18TH STREET FOR BEARS 2019 REGULAR SEASON HOME GAMES https://nwi.life/article/ssl-to-stop-select-trains-at-18th-street-for-bears-2019-regular-season-home-games/ Wed, 18 Sep 2019 19:01:39 +0000 South Shore Line https://nwi.life/article/ssl-to-stop-select-trains-at-18th-street-for-bears-2019-regular-season-home-games/ To accommodate passengers attending Chicago Bears REGULAR SEASON home football games, the South Shore plans to stop select trains at Metra’s 18th St. Station, which connects passengers directly to the Soldier Field entrance via a pedestrian walkway.

In addition to our regular service to nearby Museum Campus/11th St., the following trains will also serve 18th St. Station for the Bears vs. Packers game on Thursday, Sept. 5, at 7:20pm:

Train #220 arrives at 18th St. at 5:27p, and Train #20 at 6:06p.

Following the game, Train #123 will depart 18th St. at 11:06p, and Train #101 will depart at 12:51a. Both terminate at Carroll Ave., Michigan City.

SOUTH SHORE LINE ANNOUNCES NOTRE DAME GAME DAY SERVICE; TRANSPO TO OFFER FREE SHUTTLE BUS FOR HOME GAMES https://nwi.life/article/70660/ Wed, 18 Sep 2019 18:58:16 +0000 South Shore Line https://nwi.life/article/70660/ To accommodate passengers attending University of Notre Dame 2019 home football games, the South Shore Line and South Bend Transpo will again offer FREE shuttle bus service between the South Bend International Airport and Notre Dame Stadium.

7:30p ET Kick-off

  • Free shuttle bus service provided by Transpo between the South Bend International Airport and Notre Dame Stadium.
  • Train #503 arrives at the Airport at 12:10p ET and Train #505 at 5:06p ET. Passengers may then board a Transpo bus near the South Shore train platform and will be dropped off near the EckVisitors Center/Bookstore on campus.
  • Following the game, an Extra train will run departing the Airport 90 minutes following the conclusion of the game. Transpo will stage at the drop-off location on campus and leave with passengers one hour after the conclusion of the game to go to the Airport.2:30p and 3:30p ET Kick-off
  • Free shuttle bus service provided by Transpo between the South Bend International Airport and Notre Dame Stadium.
  • Train #503 arrives at the Airport at 12:10p ET. Passengers may then board a Transpo bus near theSouth Shore train platform and will be dropped off near the Eck Visitors Center/Bookstore on campus.
  • For the return trip, the regular westbound weekend train service will be in operation, noting that Train #508 leaves the Airport at 5:45p ET, and Train #510 leaves at 10:16p ET. Transpo will stage at the drop-off location on campus and leave at 8:30p ET to meet Train #510.
SOUTH SHORE LINE TO PROMOTE EDUCATION AND AWARENESS DURING RAIL SAFETY WEEK https://nwi.life/article/south-shore-line-to-promote-education-and-awareness-during-rail-safety-week-3/ Wed, 18 Sep 2019 18:55:16 +0000 South Shore Line https://nwi.life/article/south-shore-line-to-promote-education-and-awareness-during-rail-safety-week-3/ To further increase public awareness of rail safety, promote education of safe actions around railroad crossings and right-of-way, and enforce safety measures, the South Shore Line (SSL) will be participating in National Rail Safety Week September 22-28, 2019.

The statistics are staggering. Approximately every three hours in the U.S., a person or vehicle is hit by a train. The goal of Railroad Safety Week is to raise awareness across the United States of the need for rail safety education and encourage the general public to keep themselves safe near highway-rail grade crossings, and railroad rights-of-way.

“Many of the injuries that occur at or near rail crossings can be prevented. It is critical that we continue to educate the public on the risks associated with trespassing near railroad tracks or disregarding laws and warning devices that have been put in place for the safety of those on the train as well as those in our community,” commented Nicole Barker, Director of Capital Investment and Implementation at the SSL. “Passenger rail service is a positive and safe means of transportation in our communities and for our riders. We will continue to do whatever it takes to better educate and enforce railway safety measures to avert and hopefully eliminate accidents along the railroad.”

During Railroad Safety Week, September 22-28, the SSL will provide educational information regarding the dangers around the railroads, highway grade crossings, and right-of-way. Information provided will cover safety measures employed by the SSL and the responsibility of the public in preventing accidents, including proper safety precautions at stations & platforms, boarding & exiting, parking cars, riding the train, observing railroad crossing laws, and emergency protocols.

Please visit www.mysouthshoreline.com or South Shore Line’s social media all week, for helpful safety information.

The South Shore Line is a commuter rail line operated by the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD) between Millennium Station in downtown Chicago and the South Bend International Airport in South Bend, Indiana.

Korellis hosts Annual Family Picnic at Lemon Lake County Park https://nwi.life/article/korellis-hosts-annual-family-picnic-at-lemon-lake-county-park/ Wed, 18 Sep 2019 10:00:06 +0000 Curtis Hankins https://nwi.life/article/korellis-hosts-annual-family-picnic-at-lemon-lake-county-park/ Lemon Lake County Park bustled with activity on Sunday as Korellis Roofing invited employees and their families for their Annual Family Picnic. People of all ages enjoyed a classic summer cookout in the scenic park while kids engaged in different games and activities. Their parents also joined in on the fun, battling it out in a bags tournament.

Korellis Family Picnic 2019

Korellis Family Picnic 2019 43 Photos
Korellis Family Picnic 2019Korellis Family Picnic 2019Korellis Family Picnic 2019Korellis Family Picnic 2019

The nature of the roofing business means that a good part of Korellis’ workforce is always out and about at different job sites. Rarely do they all get to bring everyone together in one place, and even more rarely with their families. The Family Picnic is Korellis Roofing’s way of addressing that with one big party.

“This is really important, we get to meet everyone’s kids and spouses and celebrate the entire year together,” said Kali Zaremba, Korellis Roofing Office & Human Resources Manager. “Everyone from our office staff, roofers, yard team, sheet metal workers, carpenters, masons; they’re all here today. We truly believe if you have a good social culture at your workplace, you’ll end up working even better together.”

The event first became a picnic a few years back. It had originally been a golf outing, but the organizers wanted to encourage more kids to come out, so they moved over to Lemon Lake and have not looked back. Barb Nuccio was in charge of organizing all the games and prizes for the kids and noted that the picnic is one of the highlights of her year.

“I so look forward to it. The kids always have such a good time and once they leave, they leave happy,” Nuccio said. “Picnics are all about families, so this is our way of showing appreciation to all the families that work for us and make Korellis Roofing what it is.”

Kids duked it out in tug-of-war, raced bouncing balls, and bowled with soft pins that towered over some of the younger ones. The parents, meanwhile, competed in a bags tournament and hoped to win over 40 raffle prizes that included an Echo Dot, Fitbit, and more. Mike Christensen, a general foreman for Korellis, has been with the company for just about 10 years and has seen how big of an impact it makes.

“It’s fun for everyone to get together outside of roofing, even if we end up talking about roofing,” he joked. “It’s a big deal. We’ve got a great family atmosphere, especially when you can get your whole crew together, my whole crew together. I made sure that they all came. We work together every day, so it’s great to be able to meet their wives and children.”

To learn more about Korellis Roofing Inc., visit them at korellis.com.

Korellis hosts Annual Family Picnic at Lemon Lake County Park
Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospitals hosting annual Pink Party https://nwi.life/article/northwest-indiana-breast-care-center-at-methodist-hospitals-hosting-annual-pink-party/ Wed, 18 Sep 2019 10:00:01 +0000 Mandy Haack https://nwi.life/article/northwest-indiana-breast-care-center-at-methodist-hospitals-hosting-annual-pink-party/ The Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospitals is dedicated to making sure women feel their best and most comfortable in their establishment. The Center is hosting its annual Pink Party, an event that is held in October which is breast cancer awareness month and encourages women to step out of the box and visit the Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center. 

On October 5, 8-11am, women will gather at the Southlake Campus to celebrate seven years of advancing health in Northwest Indiana. The event will offer unique self-care focused activities such as free chair massages, express manicures, free Lipology consultations, free bra fittings, and a continental breakfast. 

Also, if you schedule a mammogram at the Pink Party, you get a “Go Pink” bracelet to take home with you. Everyone has a chance to win a prize and enter the $500 valued State of Mind Spa basket! 

To encourage a healthy lifestyle, the Strive for Five 5K Walk/Fun Run will have registration from 8am-9: 30 am and will begin at 9:30 am. The 5K Walk/Fun Run encourages participants to walk or run at their own pace. 

Jennifer Sanders, Manager of Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospitals & MRI Department explained why the event was established in the first place.

“If you don’t visit the Breast Care Center often or have never been to a breast center, we know this open house experience helps us to create a relationship with our community and helps to reduce any anxiety associated with a visit to a women’s Breast Care Center. ” Sanders explained. 

Women have the opportunity to explore the center, touch the machines, see what they look like, and ask staff any questions they have. 

“This event acts as an open door for women. It’s a fun day for the staff and an experience for our guests,” Sanders said. “It’s a way to really bring women together.”

“The walk portion promotes that and no matter what, it’s important to stay active. We added the walk to remind you to take care of yourself,” said Sanders. 

Northwest Indiana Breast Care Centers at Methodist Hospitals is excited to celebrate and encourage you. Space is limited, so make sure to register today by calling 1-888-909-3627 or visit methodisthospitals.org.

Northwest Indiana Breast Care Center at Methodist Hospitals hosting annual Pink Party
A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Melissa Sickinger https://nwi.life/article/a-northwest-indiana-life-in-the-spotlight-melissa-sickinger/ Wed, 18 Sep 2019 06:07:21 +0000 Curtis Hankins https://nwi.life/article/a-northwest-indiana-life-in-the-spotlight-melissa-sickinger/ When Melissa Sickinger looks at the AP English Teacher of the Year Award plaque on her desk, she does not think of it as a personal achievement. Instead, she thinks about the students who worked their hardest to earn their impressive AP exam results. After all, a teacher’s job is to guide.

Sickinger originally had not planned to teach, despite her mother constantly telling her she would be excellent at it. Instead, she entered Purdue University as a business major and found out that working with money was not for her.

“I realized that I didn’t like the accounting component of it,” she said. “Everybody always came to me in the dorms for help on papers and my mom always told me growing up that I’d be a good teacher, but I had said no because they don’t make any money. After two years as a business major, I switched out to English education and it was the best decision I ever made.”

Now, she is in her 17th year at Merrillville High School and an award winning teacher in one of the hardest courses available to high school students, AP English Composition. She also let out a trade secret: it is not just the students who often struggle to make learning fun.

“I decided a few years ago that if I’m teaching the same thing all day long, I have to enjoy it a lot to do the same thing three or four times in a row,” Sickinger said. “So that means we do fun stuff. We use a lot of music, art, history, and pop culture. We have a lot of great conversations that I thoroughly enjoy, but I realized that I have to be able to get on their level and put myself back in my 17-year-old shoes.”

Sickinger identifies two main groups of role models in her life, her English teachers and her parents. That is part of why she understands just what an impact a good teacher can make in kids’ lives. The best teachers are able to inspire their students to reach their greatest heights.  

“My award is because of the students. They did it,” she said. “We’ve had a ton of success and the students are doing super awesome.”

Sickinger actually works two jobs. The first is teaching, but the second is managing the marketing and creative content for her husband’s farm park, Harvest Tyme. The farm features corn mazes, rides, pumpkins, hayrides, and more. They started the farm 12 years ago, and one of Sickinger’s proudest accomplishments is just how much it has grown.

“I remember the first time we broke $1,000 and how ecstatic we were, it was just family working there,” she said. “It’s a labor of love, and sometimes literal blood, sweat and tears go into it. I never imagined the cash box on a folding table would become a Facebook page with thousands of followers.”

Sickinger, her husband Josh, and their two sons live in Crown Point, having moved there just this year. Outside of her work at the high school and Harvest Tyme, she is a makeup enthusiast and sales person, and a self-proclaimed Orangetheory addict.

A Northwest Indiana Life in the Spotlight: Melissa Sickinger
Purdue Federal Credit Union cuts the ribbon on their new Crown Point location https://nwi.life/article/purdue-federal-credit-union-cuts-the-ribbon-on-their-new-crown-point-location/ Wed, 18 Sep 2019 06:05:18 +0000 Curtis Hankins https://nwi.life/article/purdue-federal-credit-union-cuts-the-ribbon-on-their-new-crown-point-location/ Purdue Federal Credit Union celebrated the opening of their Crown Point branch on Friday, September 13. The ribbon-cutting ceremony featured an appearance by Purdue Pete, various games, prizes, food and giveaways to mark the beginning of Purdue Federal’s journey in a new community.

Purdue Federal has been playing a large part in the La Porte community since 2010, and the Crown Point branch is now their second location in Northwest Indiana. A nonprofit owned by its members, Purdue Federal places a strong emphasis on being active in the communities it serves. The Crown Point location was chosen after a period of careful research on both financial factors and community details.

“We look at all the demographics, all the statistics that tell you about the health of a community, and this is a good community that’s growing and doing great things,” said Bob Falk, Purdue Federal Credit Union CEO. “That’s the kind of community that we want to be a part of. Plus, this is a Purdue town—we’ve had people coming in saying, ‘I’m so glad to see your now open sign.’”

Ribbon Cutting Crown Point Branch of PFCU 2019

Ribbon Cutting Crown Point Branch of PFCU 2019 30 Photos
Ribbon Cutting Crown Point Branch of PFCU 2019Ribbon Cutting Crown Point Branch of PFCU 2019Ribbon Cutting Crown Point Branch of PFCU 2019Ribbon Cutting Crown Point Branch of PFCU 2019

The city demonstrated its Purdue roots by turning out in strong numbers, posing and playing with Purdue Pete, and eagerly taking the chance to get free Purdue shirts.

“Crown Point has been a huge growth area, so we just felt the need to be up here with the amount of alumni who live in the area,” said Jackie Hofman, Senior Vice President of HR & Marketing for Purdue Federal Credit Union. “We’re here to serve them and their financial needs. This is a huge step for us, we’d acquired our La Porte branch through a merger. So this is truly a first for us, entering into a market and starting fresh.”

The team at the Crown Point branch are led by Matt Scheuer, Area Sales Manager. He had years of experience in the banking industry before joining Purdue Federal, and is excited to bring the organization’s culture into Crown Point.

“The biggest difference here is the culture, it really comes down to being our members’ trusted consultants throughout their lives,” Scheuer said. “I think our team here is special, they’re going to be our backbone to help us grow across the entire region. I’m really confident with them serving our members and growing in that regard. The entire Purdue Federal family is truly working together toward a common vision.”

To learn more about Purdue Federal Credit Union and all of their services, visit www.purduefed.com.

Purdue Federal Credit Union cuts the ribbon on their new Crown Point location
Local professionals discover new opportunities at Region Hustle Q3 Networking event https://nwi.life/article/local-professionals-discover-new-opportunities-at-region-hustle-q3-networking-event/ Wed, 18 Sep 2019 03:56:06 +0000 Sarah Corn https://nwi.life/article/local-professionals-discover-new-opportunities-at-region-hustle-q3-networking-event/ Where in the Region can professionals go to meet other professionals, share stories, and build support in a relaxed, growth-driven environment? Up until the beginning of 2019, there really weren’t too many options.

“When we met a few years back, we realized that there was not a lot of places for us to go to network and meet different people throughout the Region,” said Alex Nickla, President and Owner of The Nickla Group. “We wanted to bring something together that allows anyone, whether they are a business person, an entrepreneur, an investor, an artist, or a musician, who is trying to do something different in their life.”

Thus was born the idea for the Region Hustle, co-founded by Nickla and True Mtn Marketing CEO and Co-Founder John White to help business people and entrepreneurs in the Region make connections and build relationships, without having to navigate a sales-oriented networking environment. 

“We’re not selling anybody anything. We’re not making any money off of this. We’re doing it for fun because we thought this was a big need in the area,” White said. “This is more of a modern approach. We told people right away that this is for those who want to grow themselves and succeed.”

True Mtn Marketing Partner and event co-organizer Jono Gross agreed, explaining that a big part of the purpose of the event was to bring like-minded people together to share struggles and solutions.

Region Hustle Q3 Business Networking Event 2019

Region Hustle Q3 Business Networking Event 2019 61 Photos
Region Hustle Q3 Business Networking Event 2019Region Hustle Q3 Business Networking Event 2019Region Hustle Q3 Business Networking Event 2019Region Hustle Q3 Business Networking Event 2019

“We started this event just to see what other creative people were in the area, connect with other professionals, and grow as a community,” Gross said.

They held their second quarterly Networking Event Tuesday evening at Crown Point’s new community gathering venue, Bulldog Park. The recently opened multi-use park boasts an impressive amount of space for attendees to mingle, making it the perfect location to host the growing event.

“This venue really showcases the heartbeat of our community, which is our downtown square,” said attendee and Crown Point Mayor David F. Uran. “We get to show it front and center here tonight with a lot of business owners who are looking for their next location to expand their business or relocate.” 

The first Region Hustle Networking night, held earlier this year in February, drew over 300 guests.

“It’s great getting out and meeting people in our industry that we don’t get to see day-to-day make new contacts, and start new friendships to grow over time,” said attendee Mike Tezak, Broker/Owner at Realty Executives Premier in Valparaiso and Crown Point.

After seeing the success of February’s gathering, GreatNews.Life jumped on board as media sponsor for Tuesday’s night of networking, alongside Crown Point Printing, Roeda Signs, WIN Home Inspection, Peoples Bank, Elite Vision Consultants, and Richter Dental.

“It is awesome to see good people bringing a fun, new style of networking to the Region,” said Jenny Craig-Brown, Executive Team Leader at GreatNews.Life. “This type of event makes it so much easier and more comfortable to network and meet new people. John White, Alex Nickla, and all the people putting this on are young and innovative and that helps with the success of the event.”

Thanks to their support, the event was free to attend and featured a cash bar for those 21+ and a free headshot photo booth.
More information about Regional Hustle events and sponsorship opportunities can be found on their website at regionhustle.com.

Local professionals discover new opportunities at Region Hustle Q3 Networking event
Lowell Red Devils fight, but fall to Hobart Brickies 5-4 https://nwi.life/article/lowell-red-devils-fight-but-fall-to-hobart-brickies-5-4/ Wed, 18 Sep 2019 03:11:55 +0000 Gena Demuth https://nwi.life/article/lowell-red-devils-fight-but-fall-to-hobart-brickies-5-4/ The Lowell High School Red Devils hosted a home turf game tonight and took on the Hobart Brickies. The Red Devils, Coached by Jessica Hayden were looking for redemption.

Alyssa Durall, forward for the Devils, was excited to face off against the Brickies.

“I think we have a good chance to win,” said Durall. ” We are all really motivated to beat Hobart. Last year it was a big game for us when we played them. We went into PKs and we ended up losing, so that’s really motivating us.”

The anticipation was mutual.

“I’m really excited. It was a close game last year, ” said senior Brickie Lauren Romeo. “I think we are a really good match. Our games this season have been really close. The ones that we’ve lost were played against good teams.”

Coach Hayden was looking forward to the match.

“It’s going to be a good game. We are prepared. We are physical, and we are going to play as a team. We have been practicing really hard and coming together as a unit. Our season started off good with a little rough patch for two games in a row and our last game was canceled, so we are ready for tonight.”

Riley Midkiff, center back for the Red Devils defense, was feeling good about the game.

SOCCER GIRLS Lowell VS Hobart 2019

SOCCER GIRLS Lowell VS Hobart 2019 127 Photos
SOCCER GIRLS Lowell VS Hobart 2019SOCCER GIRLS Lowell VS Hobart 2019SOCCER GIRLS Lowell VS Hobart 2019SOCCER GIRLS Lowell VS Hobart 2019

“I think if we communicate and work together as a team, we can definitely win.  Sophie Wright, our midfield, is back tonight, and a player to watch with fresh legs so we should win this game.”

Brickies started the game off with possession of the ball, but it was the Red Devils who scored just minutes into the game thanks to a goal by Morgan Hutton.

After a handball and a corner kick, Senior Aubry Banek scored the second Red Devil goal.

With 18:22 left in the second half, Alyssa Durall sent a beautiful cross pass to Payton Gard who launched the ball into the back of the net bringing the Devils 3 to the Brickie’s 0. 

It looked as if the Brickies were down, but with 6:22 left in the first half, the Devils goalie came out of goal and a collision with another player allowed Brickie Cecilia Provins to score their first goal.  A free-kick by the Brickies and a subsequent fumble in front of the goal allowed Grace Nestich a goal bringing the Brickies closer.

Tension and excitement were high as the score was Devils 3 Brickies 2 at the half. With 30:10 left in the second half Gard gains another goal widening the lead from the Brickies 4-2.

But the Brickies would respond, and it would be in the form of Nestich who scored with 25:14 left in the second half bringing the score to 4-3 Red Devils.  With 23:45 left in the game, Provins tied the Brickies up with the Red Devils.

With less than a minute left in the game, it looked as if it was headed to another shoot out. But then Nestich landed the ball in the back of the net for the Brickies with just 51 seconds left in the game.

The Red Devils fought, but in the end, it was the Brickies who won the game 5-4.

Lowell Red Devils fight, but fall to Hobart Brickies 5-4