Zoe for President: New Candidate Announces Her Run for Commander in Chief In 2064, the Y organizes Zoe for President

Zoe_for_President3A_New_Candidate_Announc-1The YMCA of the USA (Y-USA) and Duneland Family YMCA launched Zoe for President, a campaign to elect a one-year-old girl as our nation's Commander in Chief in 2064. The campaign highlights the potential the Y sees in all kids to grow up and change the world if they're nurtured properly and supported along the way. Through Y initiatives like childcare, academic enrichment, mentorship, college prep, job training, and more, kids have the opportunities to succeed, grow, and one day, maybe even become president. The Y aims to impart the values of what it means to achieve - how hard work, determination, perseverance and character can drive someone to success beyond what they thought possible.

Like all candidates, Zoe has her own campaign website, ZoeForPresident.net (www.ZoeForPresident.net), where users can donate to her campaign, watch videos to learn her stance on issues and shop for swag. When users donate to Zoe's campaign, they are donating to their local Y and supporting the programs and services that enable kids like Zoe to thrive from childhood through retirement.

"While Zoe for President is a breath of fresh air during a heated campaign cycle, every child - regardless of background - needs support and guidance to reach their full potential," said Kevin Washington, president and CEO, YMCA of the USA. "Zoe's campaign addresses actual issues that America's communities are faced with each day like access to early childhood education, safe space, meal assistance, and the Y's role in solving the challenges head on."

Zoe for President is the second phase of the Y's For a better USA campaign, a multi-year, multi-faceted effort to engage more people with the Y and its mission as a nonprofit. Earlier this year, the Y launched two powerful television commercials, Places, and Idle Hands, each spotlighting a different problem communities in America face today. Both spots closed with the Y's nonprofit work on the ground, engaging and enriching kids and families through safe spaces, mentorship, education and more.

"The Y works to ensure all kids have the support they need to achieve their full potential," said Dave Kasarda, Y CEO. "We work in the Duneland communities to provide services addressing our most critical social issues such as such as our early learning readiness program, which in 2015 helped over 130 children prepare for kindergarten; our youth sports program which engaged 515 youth last year; school age child care provided a safe place for more than 450 kids with a focus on academic achievement; and our senior center that helped active older adults maintain healthy spirits, minds and bodies that helped them to stay fit, social and active."

With a commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of social responsibility, the Y ensures that every individual has access to the essentials needed to learn, grow and thrive. The Duneland Y, located at 215 Roosevelt St. in Chesterton, is a charitable nonprofit serving Beverly Shores, Burns Harbor, Chesterton, Dune Acres and Porter. Those interested in donating to the Duneland Family YMCA can visit ZoeForPresident.net or call Jane Delligatti at the Y,(219) 926-4204.