Youth and Toddler Basketball Season Kicks off Strong with 20+ Toddlers in Attendance

2014-Hammond-YMCA-Youth-and-Toddler-Basketball-01The youth and toddler basketball season had a strong start this Wednesday with close to 20+ participants in attendance for its first practice session at the Hammond YMCA. Program Director Jimmy Gonzales was very satisfied to see all the parents and their children come this year. “I am pretty pleased with this year’s turnout, hopefully I can keep growing the program,” says Gonzales.

The youth and toddler basketball program is a co-ed sports league that welcomes both boys and girls ages 2-5 who are currently not attending kindergarten and k through fifth grade. The goal for this program is to teach the children the basic fundamentals of the game of basketball. The entire curriculum is structured in a non-competitive format and will have the participants learning everything from how to pass a ball to having good sportsmanship.

Although this was only the first practice session of the season, everyone from the parents and their children to the coaches were actively involved. “It looks pretty good, usually a lot of people come in the first practice,” says Volunteer Coach Louis Santellano. “The kids and parents usually have a lot of energy.”