You Can’t Hold Canelo Down: Hammond Teacher Returns to School after Stroke

1studentnwi-hammond-strokeDestiny Flores is's #1StudentNWI representative at Hammond High School. THis month, Destiny wrote on the incredible story of AP Spanish teacher Noemi Canelo, who is back at the school after suffering a stroke.

Mrs. Noemi Canelo, an Advanced Placement Spanish teacher at Hammond High School, has made an incredible comeback.

Before the school year 2013-14 school year ended on May 31, Mrs. Canelo had a stroke.

"I was hanging out with my kids having a picnic at my house when I got the strangest symptoms," she recalls. "I had a stroke and landed in the hospital for one week. Not only that, but I ended up going back for three more days."

A stroke is a medical emergency that occurs when blood flow to the brain stops.

Coming back from something so serious and life threatening is hard to do, especially when being a teacher. But when asked if she was happy to be back at HHS, Canelo had a powerful response.

"Not only am I very happy to be back at HHS, but mostly I am grateful that all is well with me to be able to be where I want to be," she said. "I love this place. I think we have a great school and great kids."

It takes a positive mindset and feedback to come back from anything like this. Having Canelo back was not lost on the students, either.

"I felt relieved because I didn't know what really happened," said student Carlanie Richardson. "I really cared about her and to see her come back in good health and smiling again; all I could do was thank God for bringing her through her situation."

Canelo is a positive role model for students at HHS, she is doing great and always puts a great smile on everyone's faces.