WWII Vet Uses Video Short, Social Media to Honor the Greatest Generation

SSVA-2013A 90-year-old World War II U.S. Marine Corps veteran named W.F. "Bill" Wellman has created a powerful and thought-provoking video short and social media strategy designed to tell the story of the "Greatest Generation" and have them remembered every night at sunset through a simple device that automatically plays "Taps" at sunset.

The 2-minute music video captures the selflessness and loss suffered by his generation. The video uses sound effects, music, artistic imagery and horrifying vintage World War II footage to capture the imagination and engage a new generation. The video leaves the viewer realizing the "Greatest Generation" was often teenagers and high school students. Julie Janesheski held back tears as she watched the video, realizing these were just kids, the same ages as her own children. Her son, Johnny, was moved when he realized how young these kids were when they left to fight. Wellman hopes the video will entice the viewer to follow T.A.P.S. of America on Facebook.

To watch the 2-minute video followed by a short interview with Wellman and to learn more about T.A.P.S. of America, visit http://on.fb.me/17zykK2.

Wellman has lived a storied life. He landed on Okinawa during World War II. Upon his return from the war, he was an Indiana University baseball letterman, and is an author and promoter. Wellman has always pursued the American Dream. At 90 years old, the "idea man" is at it again. His newest idea... to have his generation remembered every night through a simple device called the "Taps" system. The "Taps" system automatically plays "Taps" every night at sunset and can be installed in parks, memorials, city settings, etc.

Wellman fought in World War II and is part of a generation that history reveres as the "Greatest Generation," a generation whose men and woman selflessly served their county. Their values and integrity made America the greatest country on earth. Sadly, the "Greatest Generation" is passing on at a rate of thousands per day. Wellman believes it is our civic responsibility to honor and remember this generation. The beautiful and powerful 57-second song honors those that selflessly made the ultimate sacrifice so we may have the freedom and prosperity we enjoy today.