Work Ethic Certification Awards Ceremony at Chesterton High School

Work-Ethic-Certification-Awards-Ceremony-at-Chesterton-High-School-2019_01 Several Chesterton High School students in grades 9-11 earned the Center for Workforce One 2018-19 Work Ethic Certification on Thursday, May 2 at the school.

Their teachers used the top 10 employer expectations to evaluate these students. The 10 expectations are: being on time, following directions, ability to identify problems and find solutions, working well with others, apply good listening skills, be honest and dependable, manage their time effectively, show a positive attitude, know the need to pass a background and drug test, and dress for success. These students also performed a minimum of 12 hours of community service, and had a strong attendance rate.

Freshman recipients: Robert Adams, Jayne Bartlett, Chad Berdine, Samantha Bilyak, Emma Bolinger, Jessica Bouche, Sydney Bruce, Emily Burke, Conor Casteel, Brianna Connors, Reese Czarniecki, Gabrielle Fannin, Layla Ferguson, Molly Hadenfelt, Joseph Hall, Mollie Haughtington, Kristina Kokot, Joshua Lemon, Hannah McElroy, Grace Newman, Sofia Portugal, Connor Potesta, Bailey Ranta, Emily Richardson, Leah Rochford, Brooke Smith and Luke Stento.

Work-Ethic-Certification-Awards-Ceremony-at-Chesterton-High-School-2019_02 Sophomore recipients: Keelyn Cook, Makayla Davis, Joshua Dennington, Andrew Engle, Alejandro Garcia-Curtis, Katie Hansen, Brendan Hoch, Anais Julliano, Maggie Lesher, Karina Martinez, Peyton Martinson, Riley McGuire, Isabella Pinto, Haleigh Smith, Sydney Stott, Samantha Stringham, Zoe Swanson and Daniel Vear.

Work-Ethic-Certification-Awards-Ceremony-at-Chesterton-High-School-2019_03 Junior recipients: Christian Charlson, Fatima Chavez, Dylan Draves, Haven Dutro, Marek Evans, Sophia Hunzelman, Gabriel Kroeger, Caroline Liapes, Charles Liapes Jr., Jessica Maatouk, Paula Mochen, Anna Newman, Arti Patel, Wesley Peterson, Delaney Scheller, Lauren Sensibaugh, Caiitlin Bull, Reina Hodge, Sara Jirtle, Kaitlynn McKee, Victoria Merkel, Karina Ontiveros, Cynthia Phelps and Sarah Smith.