Woodland Park in Portage Hosts Book Release Party, Silent Auction to Benefit North Shore Health Centers

Woodland Park in Portage Hosts Book Release Party, Silent Auction to Benefit North Shore Health Centers

Dozens of area residents gathered in the banquet hall at the Portage Woodland Park this evening, for a Black-Tie event to celebrate the release of local author Nashanta Taylor-Weems’ debut work, From Sunrise, To Sunset: A Poetic Journey.

Taylor-Weems, a lifelong area resident, grew up in Gary, Indiana and currently resides in Gary’s Miller Beach neighborhood, with her husband and their five young children, and is an ordained minister at True Faith Church Ministries in Gary. Her book is a personal, heartfelt exploration of some of the difficulties Taylor-Weems has had to face in her life, and of her personal triumph in overcoming those hardships.

When asked where she found the inspiration to write, Taylor-Weems credits her family.

“I get it honestly from my mom. I still have a few poems with my stick figures that my mom saved when I was a kid. 95 percent of my book is events/issues that I have personally faced,” said Taylor-Weems. “My mom was and still my biggest inspiration. She was constantly writing and was hoping one day to get published. Unfortunately, she passed away before that could happen.”

The decision to share such personal issues did not come easily to her, however. Taylor-Weems suffered the loss of a close family member, a loss which caused her to suffer a crisis of faith. It was not until she had a chance encounter with Pastor Anthony Goffin of True Faith Church Ministries, whom she credits with renewing her faith in God.

Taylor-Weems is a firm believer in non-profit and charity organizations, and is especially thankful to the team at North Shore Health Centers for helping her throughout her recent pregnancy.

“North Shore was a big help in directing me to the right resources and getting me what I needed during my pregnancy. They offered various programs and support for their patients and having North Shore during my first pregnancy made things so much easier for me, very little stress. In 2015, I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter. I was dealing with some personal issues and the nurses and staff was so supportive and encouraging. They helped me with writing my second book.“

Taylor-Weems came up with the idea of a silent auction, to coincide with the release of her book, to raise money to benefit North shore, as a way to say thank you for all they had done for her.

“I brought the idea to the Marketing Director, she asked her supervisor for approval and it was a go.”

The event featured a silent auction and raffle, with proceeds going to benefit the programs offered by North Shore.

“When you are weak, it is My strength and mercy that keeps you.
You are not here by mistake or accident.
Why are you here you ask….
You are here to be a living testimony.” – Excerpt from the poem, And God Answers by Nsahanta Taylor-Weems.

Taylor-Weems (who now goes by her married name, Nashanta Robinson) is currently working on her second book due out by summer, and hopes to have another finished by the end of the year. Her first book, From Sunrise, To Sunset: A Poetic Journey, is available at Amazon.